Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy Links: November 10, 2008

After GO HOME BUF-FA-LO! weekend, I need a day off.

We're first in the division for the second.  The Sabres and Habs aren't going to start losing just for our benefit, though, and the Habs are a few games behind.  We gotta keep working hard.  It's a long season, and this is just the beginning.

Some links about the Bruins:

Chucky's Back!
What's going on in the rest of the league:
  • Fanhouse: Ollie the Goalie is playing in Washington for the first time.  He's played in 27% of the Caps' games.  Ever.
  • Puck Daddy: Shatner for the singing of the National Anthem
  • Deadspin:  When Deadspin is calling you out for not covering the NHL, you no longer deserve the title "Worldwide leader in sports."
  • Mirtle: Leads his story on Goalies in trouble with Turco.  Classic.
  • Chris "Elbows" Pronger has a blog: and posts answers to Q+A 4
Tim Thomas Campaign Headquarters Update:
Ok, I finally finished this.
Voting starts Wednesday.