Saturday, November 22, 2008

L10: Second 10 games

It's still early. Don't blow your whole wad.
We're about a quarter of the way through the season, and if you look up, you'll see that we're #1 in the conference, due to NYR having the same amount of points and 2 more GP. I'll take it for now.
Here's the quick and dirty version of what happened during games 11-20.
  • Game 11: Calgary beat us. This was the third game of Thomas's Road Trip, and the only game of 3 that he didn't post a 0-1 shutout.
  • Game 12: "Brave Steve" Ott and Sean Avery try to knock the Bruins off their game, fail miserably. We beat them on the ice and the scoreboard, 5-1.

  • Game 13: Blake Wheeler got a hat trick en route to our 5-2 win over Toronto.
  • Game 14: We beat Buffalo 3-1, to take the top spot in the division.
  • Game 15: We beat Chicago 1-1 in the shootout. It's our first OT win against Chicago since 1934. Axelsson with the game-winner:

  • Game 16: We CRUSH the Habs 6-1, Lucic finally fights Komisarek, 5 Game winning streak.
  • Game 17: We fall apart in the last 10 minutes to give up a 2-0 lead and lose in the shootout, 2-2. Lundqvist is ridiculous.
  • Game 18: We fell apart in the last 10 minutes, BUT Thomas is solid in net all game long, even grabbing the puck as the last buzzer sounds. If Thomas wasn't solid this game, it would look a lot more like the 4-2 loss vs. Toronto earlier in the year.

  • Game 19: A ridiculous 7-4 win. Miller got pulled after 7, Manny stayed in after 4 goals in a period, held on to win the game. Just silly. Chara, Kobasew had 2 goal games.
  • Game 20: Bruins get out early, and hold on for a 4-2 win. Move to 1st in the conference.
And the stats/on-pace stats for the Bruins:

Good is in green, bad is in red, just like last time. "Pace" is number at 20*(82/GP at 20). Yes, it's bad. Deal.
L10 Record: 8-1-1
Overall Record: 13-3-4