Saturday, October 31, 2009

Game 12 Preview: Bruins vs Oilers GRAVEYARD SMASH

What? It's BOS vs. OIL! Click for mega-version.
Game 12
Oct. 31, 2009 1:00 PM

NESN, 98.5 FM

vs. Edmonton Oilers (7-5-1)

This is the last chance for the Bruins to come out of October with a greater-than-.500 record. Woof. Last october, for comparison, the Bruins went 5-3-3 last October, getting 13 out of 22 points, or basically a pretty slow start. Then on November 1st they beat the shit out of Dallas and started dominating. I don't particularly expect them to do that tomorrow, but today wouldn't be a bad day for it. Let's see...Copper and Blue points out that 7 oilers have at least as many points as the Bruins top scorer, Patrice Bergeron. Damn.

Looks like the Oilers score more, give up more, and penalties tend to get called in their games more. Something something blah blah it's early, ok? Look, Mike Comrie is on the Oilers so Hillary Duff might be in the stands somewhere. Let's do this thing, Edmonton played last night and hopefully will be tired from that or something.

If you're at home for the game, be sure to discuss the game online at Stanley Cup of Chowder, Copper and Blue, and heck, even in the comments section below.

Spooky Stats!
Wear your costume to the game, and everyone have a happy and safe halloween except for Khabibulin.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Yeah, so it was a pretty tight game for most of it. The devils scored when the puck was behind thomas and clarkson (fucking Clarkson of all people) scooped it in. It's easy to score when the goalie isn't between the net and the goal, y'all.

Then Patrice Bergeron tied it up in the second. It was the highlight of the night, except for one more thing later.

In the third, Clarkson skates past Thomas and Thomas makes to lunge at him. Tim Thomas rules because crazy goalies are awesome. They're better when they don't let in soft goals, but the Bruins not being able to score more than one garbage goal all game would be nice too.

The Devils scored with 1:26 to go when Thomas makes a 5-hole stop but the puck slips out behind him. Zubrus scoops it in.
Woof. So the Bruins get a minute and a half to try to even it up. Then with less than 30 seconds to go and the goalie pulled the Bruins pass it off a Devil's knee and it goes into the zone, past the goal line and a devil touches it. We get a whistle on the touch-up. Powerplay?

Nope, some ref or linesman completely shit the bed on the call and thought it was icing even though from all the way up in the balcony I could see it hit the guy's knee and change direction.

Puck goes back to center ice and the Bruins manage maybe one shot on goal but don't let an empty netter completely ruin the night. Good effort on both sides, and on a night where all the goals were garbage, the Bruins couldn't scoop and shovel enough. For some reason I noticed Wheeler and liked his play.

Frustrating as hell.

Hey Bruins, let's win more than one in a row, eh?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

GAME 11 PREVIEW: Bruins vs. Devils IT'S A TARP

Oct. 29, 2009 7pm ET
vs. New Jersey Devils (6-4-0)

The Bruins are a perfect 5-0-0 on the road this year, and the megastoryline is that Martin "Fatty" Brodeur is chasing Sawchuck's shutout record. Well, fatty ain't in net tonight unless Yann Danis turns out to be a lousy goalie. Bruins are still 4th worst PP in the league, but the Devils are 8th worst. The devils seem to edge out the Bruins in a lot of stat categories below, but The Bruins have at least more than one win at home. Yeah so 3-3 is less impressive than 5-0, but whatever.

Let's take a look at this Danis fellow, eh? He hasn't started a game yet for the Devils, but he has played recently. Last year he split time between the Bridgeport Sound Tigers (10gp 2.26gaa .924sv%) and the New York Islanders(31gp 2.86gaa .910sv%). Prior to last year, he was a full-time Hamilton Bulldogs goalie for 5 years, excepting 6 NHL games in 2005-06 (2.69gaa .908sv%). Basically he's been an AHL goalie for a while but people talked shit about Clemmenson too and look where that got them.

Hey, I used to put up links to every site in the (B)logosphere last year, then I got lazy this year so far. There are links over on the right side of the blog, sorted by last update. I suggest you check them out. I've even made it so you can see the post title. There's good stuff out there and I don't have as much time to read it all. If you're not attending the game, and there are apparently really cheap tickets available second-hand, check out the game threads on Stanley Cup of Chowder and In Lou We Trust.

Oh and if you have a valid 21+ ID and a ticket to the game there is a Sam Adams Bru-Fest where you a Sam Adams outside for $5. They usually have some other stuff, too. I don't regret checking it out the first time around.

Careful, they're piping hot!
That's a little too much orange on the right side for my taste.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HEADLINES 10/28/09

Here's a segment that I've decided would be a fun way of bringing the nation's hockey news to you fine Boston fans. I've taken the top NHL stories and summed them up in headline form. Enjoy!

Gaborik misses Tuesday practice after a collision during Monday's 5-2 win over Phoenix

Steve Ott suspended 1 day for low-bridging Colaiacovo, 1 day for being a douchebag, could get another game for knee-to-knee.

Avalanche backup goalie Budaj catches swine flu in protest of Anaheim dropping the Iowa Chops

Moyes looks to sell Coyotes back to the NHL. "No backsies!" exclaims owner.

Maple Leafs take advantage of the Ducks' constant penalties, score 5 power play goals to win their first game of the season. Office workers stunned as nobody wins the office pool. "I thought they'd surely make it to November," says local Brandon Marsh, closest to winning the pool with November 1-5.

Kovalchuk out 4-6 weeks with a broken foot. When asked about the team's situation, Thrashers' head coach John Anderson replied, "Well, shit."

Wild still undefeated at home, winless on the road. Doesn't sound too terrible until you find out they've played three home games, but eight away games.

Doctors find hernias on Flyers' Gagne using an ultrasound. Twins!

This has been a presentation of HBA Headline news. I hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

L10: First ten games (5-4-1) A LITTLE BETTER ALL THE TIME (Can't get much worse!)

Well, hmmm.

17Boston Bruins1054111.5503032-0.426.2064015.00104175.6103

The Bruins have had an interesting start to their season. They started off losing, we lost Lucic and Savard to LTIR for a broken finger and broken foot. We traded Kobasew to Minnesota and picked up Daniel Paille from Buffalo, marking the first time Boston and Buffalo had ever made a trade that wasn't for ufa bargaining rights. On top of that, we're about 1/8th through the season and the Bruins have just put together their first consecutive, uh...point-getting games. Going by point percentage, the Bruins are 9th in the east. They have the 4th-worst powerplay in the league right now, converting 6 out of 40 chances or at a 15% clip.

That's terrible. So is letting in 10 powerplay goals over 41 chances, or a 75.61% success rate. This pretty much sucks too. Oh look, another fun fact: The Bruins tie the Tampa Bay Lightning for the league lead in short-handed goals against with three. Not too surprising, since the Bruins powerplay managed to get an icing call against it once recently. Basically that needs to get a lot better.

However, last years Bruins had a bit of rust too and I remember watching the PK and PP numbers continuously get better last year. Here's to that happening again, especially after Savard and Lucic come back. Last year around this time the Bruins were 30th in PK with 70%, and ended up 12th with 82.35%. Last year's powerplay was only bested by San Jose, Washington, and Detroit over the regular season.

Bergeron now has his chance to live up to his 5 million dollar contract. You can do it, Patrice!

How's our draft pick doing? (Toronto update)
Current Status: TAYLOR HALL
Toronto hasn't yet won a game, and only forced overtime once. They're 0-7-1, and have spent more time this season down by 5 than up by anything. Combined.

I think the next 10 games are going to be better than the last as people get more used to playing with the new folks. I think the Kobasew trade shook them up a bit. Lucic and Savard are still out, and that will make things...interesting. Let's hope the rookies play well. They've done okay so far. And the Revolution just made the playoffs! Awesome!


They say a picture's worth a thousand words.
How about a video?
Dafoomie does the lord's work.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game 10 Preview: Bruins @ Ottawa THE QUEST FOR OVER .500 CONTINUES

Game 10
Oct 24, 2010 7pm ET
NESN, 98.5 FM
vs. Ottawa Senators (5-2-1)

A win tonight could get the Bruins into the division lead 10 games into the season. Ottawa's got Boston fan favorite Alex "lazybones" Kovalev. Remember that picture from the preseason? Yeah, not happening tonight since Lucic is out. But Thornton might be back and he's always good for a scrap. So who knows what's going to happen. I'm pretty much happy with whatever we can get this month. Let's beat ottawa and score a million goals so we lead the division, why not?

So we're all in agreement then. Fantastic.

Be sure to click the links on the right-hand side of your radio dial for other previews around the (B)logosphere, they're writing some good stuff out there.

Milan Michalek has a hat trick already. Sheesh.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


So, here's how busy I was yesterday. This is as far as my game preview got:

Game 9 Preview: Bruins @ Philadelphia
Game 9
7 PM ET Oct. 22nd, 2009
Terrible, right? Agreed. Moving on. The bruins took 3 out of 4 points from the back-to-back on the strength of a lot of Tuukka saves and stuff. Yeesh, I don't think this is going to work out. Here's the highlight vid, I'm lazy and busy:

Claude Giroux makes a dirty dirty move to win the shootout.
Shootout Loss.
Still .500 technically.
I'll take it.


There's a saying or general feeling in sports where if you want to perform well you can't get too high or too low. Well as a fan that would be good for one's mental health or whatever but screw it.

(ok, it was a little ugly but whatever)
Despite having a very different lineup and roster, the Bruins managed to pull a win out against the Nashville Predators, who...continue their losing streak to 6 games now. Hell, even the islanders won last night. Chuck Kobasew got put out on the starting lineup of overtime with Mikko Koivu last night, and the Wild ended up winning that game too!

Let's review:

Derek Morris takes some crap penalty. The Bruins technically killed it off but a couple seconds later they give up an even strength goal.
You're all "oh shit" and also "who the hell is Jerrod Smithson" but whatever. The play is pretty back and forth and the Bruins only get 5 shots on goal in the period.
Second Period
We get a faceoff and then they're foolish enough to give Ryder just a little bit of time and space in front of the net. 16 seconds into the period, we're all tied up. Pretty snipe, too.
Brad Marchand gets his first NHL point, an assist. Way to go, kiddo! Next up we get a Too Many Men penalty - not as bad as the Habs 7-on-5 mishap, but still a penalty. Basically a poorly-timed pass that went right past our bench at the wrong second. Ryder sits in the box for two minutes, but the Bruins remember how to kill penalties today. And good thing, too, because pretty soon after the penalty is up the only guy in the building with a championship banner in the rafters pots one.
Of course Colin Wilson is going to score in front of his hometown crowd. Jerk.
Well after that things start to get a little rough but eventually Bergeron and Ryder get into the zone and Bergeron tucks in Chara's rebound.
Then immediately afterwards (like, off the next faceoff pretty much) Mark Stuart gets called for interference. FOR THE THIRD TIME IN THE NIGHT THE BRUINS KILL A PENALTY. Bet it all on black tonight, something good is going on. Some more shoving goes on but whatever.
Third Period.
Early on in the Period the Bruins go on their first powerplay of the night. No SHG against, no SOG. At all. None recorded. Whatever, the Bruins go on another powerplay and the same shit happens.

Seriously, Dan Ellis didn't need to make a Short-handed or powerplay save all night. blergh.

So after all that, Shea Weber checks a ref and loses the puck. Paille scoops it up, centers to Begin. Begin buries it.
Here's a note on Paille from a Buffalo fan. The Bruins hold on to the lead for the rest of the night. However, things got really tense at about 1:30 left when Ellis headed to the bench. The Preds kept up enough pressure to stop an empty netter, and called a timeout with 30 seconds to go. At this point if you looked up to the upper level you could see Cam Neely standing. Awesome. If the game went on about 5 seconds longer the Preds might have tied it up, but the green light came on before a red one did.

Record: 4-4-0
Home Record: 3-3-0
Streak: 1 Win
Not too shabby against one of the worst teams in the league right now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Game 8 Preview: Bruins vs. Nashville INSERT SEXUAL PREDATOR JOKE HERE

Game 8
7 PM ET October 21st
NESN, 98.5 Sports Hub
vs. Nashville Predators (2-4-1)

Well, if you haven't gone over a cliff or into a toaster-laden bathtub or done the hangman's jig by now then I guess it's about time for a hockey game. If you haven't heard, Savard is out 4-6 weeks with a broken foot. If you want to go break something, I'll wait. Try not to let it be another Bruin.
Anyhow now that you're back there is in fact a game on tonight. The preds kinda suck, but are looking for that breakout game that a shaken-up Bruins squad might give them. Then again, maybe the rookies will pull through. I have no idea.

See you at the game.
Don't jump off the Zakim afterwards.

Savard out 4-6 weeks, Sturm Last Man Standing

Goddamn. Savard out 4-6 weeks with a broken foot. I suppose the ray of light in this is that Sturm is still healthy, but it's been a hell of a first couple weeks to the season.

I think we should just throw in the towel and get two lottery picks. (KIDDING I SWEAR)

Get used to Krejci-Bergeron-Sobotka-Begin, folks. It could be worse, I think. 4-6 weeks isn't the whole season by a long shot.


Dan Paille trade is for veteran Catwalker, middling forward

Well, my previous method of finding out about new Bruins acquisitions by typing their name into youtube has worked again. Here's the thing: The first video is of him laying out a hab, and the third - THAT'S 1-2-3 THIRD - is of him at a "Charity Catwalk." I think this whole Improper Bostonian thing is rubbing off.

For your review, and because I'm not clever enough to sub in the fashion show scene from Slapshot:


At least the fourth video is Paille laying out another Hab. If he can do that more often, he'll have a lot of friends in Boston. If he's too busy doing fashion shows where the announcer says it's his "best shot all year" then we might have a problem. We only gave up a 3rd and conditional 4th and his contract expires at the end of the year. Looking good, Chiarelli. Re-sign a couple guys now.

Kobasew shirts will be wicked cheap though, and Wild fans out there want a shirt to go along with the new Savior of the Franchise?


He knocks Chara over, but is worse for wear post-hit.
I think I need more centered text.
Preds up tonight. More on that later.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hu-wah? What happened?

So hey everyone I've been out with sleeping-all-day-and-coughing-when-I'm-not-sleeping-itis for a good part of the weekend and haven't updated (as you can see) in any meaningful way recently. If you haven't heard by now the Bruins beat the Stars 3-0 (WOOOOO) and then lost to the coyotes 1-4 (called it). Then Lucic had surgery on his finger. He's out 4-6 weeks and on LTIR.

On top of all that, we traded Chuck Kobasew for Craig Weller, MIN's 2nd-round pick in 2011, and rights to some kid named Fallstrom. Well let's fire up the old youtube and see if we can't find some clips of the new guy.

Welp. Let's see if he's ever done anything besides crush everything in sight?

Well, he'll enjoy playing in the AHL some more I hope.

We've got so many draft picks right now it's ridiculous. Like, seriously.

Oh and the Bruins are very stylish. Ladies, this link's for you.

Do you think if I get a purple tie I can be an NHL centerman like Patrice Bergeron?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Mailing it in, I'll probably have to revisionist-historicize my recap of last night's game. Anyhow, I've been saying Phoenix will win tonight for a while. Here's to proving me wrong, Gents.

Oh yeah Wheeler got drafted by the coyotes but would rather play college than be a desert dog. Hilarious. Head over to or for game threads etc.

Hoping for more effort than I used on this post in the game.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Game 6 Preview: Bruins @ Dallas EVERYBODY HATES DALLAS

Especially Minnesota fans. Damn you Norm Green.

Got work all day away from a computer, enjoy the video and the game.
I heard Ott was out with Lucic Flu. When Sean Avery is the guy standing up for you...

8:30 pm, NESN

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Avs have been looking good this year. They dropped that Joe Sakic loser, and now they're doing better than last year, at least. As for the Bruins? They still haven't gotten back on their feet aside from that one game against those season-ending chumps, and those 8 or so minutes + one shootout against the Islanders. Well, yesterday sure wasn't much of an improvement.


Got to the Gahden early, with about half an hour before the game. Sauntered my way up to Cornelius's seats (Cheers, mate) and sat down. I got antsy, and so went for a beer. 20 minutes or so of random hockey blabbering at my fiance later and the lights dimmed. I thought to myself, "game recap's on me today, better take some pictures!" and whipped out my phone. I took a blurry-as-hell photo of the B's lining up for the anthem, and then forgot about it. But enough about me, let's get to the game.

Part 1:

The Bruins came out hard. They looked great for the first few minutes, getting several nice shots off that Mr. Anderson managed to deflect away safely. The Avs manage to take it into our zone once or twice, but don't start much of anything. Then Matty Hunwick hooks, and the Bruins go on the penalty kill. "Well," I think, "At least it--" and then Hejduk puts in a wrister that Tuukka doesn't do much against.

1-0 Falling Snows

Puck drops, the announcer starts announcing the goal, and all of a sudden Hannan puts another one on the board. Luckily, it was the end of anything interesting in the first. The Bruins played softly while the Avalanche allowed few scoring opportunities.

2-0 Crashing Mountains

At some point, Anderson manages to trip up a Bruin behind the net. Bruins do nothing with the ensuing power play. Then the period ends.

I head for a new set of beers, and get ready for the second period, nervous but hopeful.

Part 2

The Bruins come out mediocre. I can't say they came out like a bat out of hell, or some other strange analogy, as they really didn't. The two teams played some back and forth puck-ball for a while. Finally, getting a good rush on, they manage a hard shot on Anderson from the blue line. Bergeron ends up with the puck behind the net after the rebound and, as he's wont to do, dishes it out to Old Man Recchi in the left circle. Recchi does what he does.

2-1, starting to look up.

More back-and-forth, and a quick pass forward sends Ryder on a rush. He sends it in front of the goal, where Wheeler, who just skated past the two Colorado defenders, is just waiting for it. Anderson thinks the shot's coming from Ryder at the boards, leaving about 22.5 square feet of net for Wheeler to backhand the puck into. Light the lamp, Zombie Nation.

2-2. Back to the beginning.

The game's half over now, and we're right back where we started. Then Chara gets called for interference.

Power play goal, Marek Svatos, 3-2, vomit.

A few minutes later, Svatos is nice enough to get caught tripping, giving us our fourth power play of the game. While the Bruins watch, Galiardi takes the puck out of the Avs' zone and up the boards. Three Blackshirts converge on him, two of them taking him down while Ryder goes for the puck. With the Bruins doing their best imitation of the 08-09 Rangers' power play, Galiardi gets back up, frees himself (and the puck) enough to send the puck over to David Jones, who is already behind the two defenders (kindly hanging out behind Galiardi still). Breakaway, goal, vomit.

4-2 Avalanche.

The second plays out, with a stunned crowd surrounding the ice.

Part 3:

This time the Bruins were a bit fired up. No more stupid penalties, no more stupid mistakes. Too bad we were already down 4-2 and weren't playing the Islanders. 6+ minutes in, a few deflected shots lead to a backhand by Ryder that nobody saw coming, especially Anderson. Hope creeps back in.

4-3, 2/3 of a period left!

Sadly, that was the last interesting thing to happen, short of the Bruins icing the puck while trying to pull Rask, and then Lucic getting a roughing penalty after the final buzzer. Dejected fans stroll out, I head home, plenty of day left, plenty of time to spend the rest of Columbus day growing my larynx back.

So what now? Well, the B's got the day off today. Instead of practicing, they got to enjoy a lovely 50 degree rainy day in our fine city of Boston. Next they head out on the road to face Dallas on Friday. Let's hope this homestand has knocked some sense into our Black and Gold friends. They'll need to really find their energy if they want any hope of competing this year.

Think towards the future though. There are plenty of games left, and April is far away. This is only the beginning. And, as always,


Monday, October 12, 2009

Game 5 Preview: Avalanche @ Bruins WOLSKI WOLSKI WOLSKI

(Picture taken last week. No, really, at the 'canes game.)

Monday, October 12th
vs. Colorado Avalanche (2-1-1)

  • Dennis Wideman is out with an injured shoulder. Johnny Boychuk should be playing in his first NHL game of the season. Despite seeing Wideman getting turned inside out sometimes, he's an important part of the defense and I'm hoping we don't lose him for a long time.
  • We last played Colorado last year on the opening-night-tour road trip last year. We won.
  • This is the fifth in the Bruins record 5-game homestand to start the season. They go on the road while the circus comes to town next, though that game against the ducks was pretty clowny.
  • Woltek Wolski is up to his usual early-season scoring ways again, leading the avs with 4g 1a through their first four games. In those 4 games, they've beaten the Sharks and Canucks, but lost to the Preds and Blackhawks. Here's to continuing their slide.
  • The Avs have a new mascot: A St. Bernard. It even has a barrel around it's neck, presumably to help Avs fans black out any memory of last season.
  • Colorado fans are going to have to wake up early to catch this game: It starts at 11 AM local time for them.
  • The last time two boston sports teams played teams from the same area, we lost 6-1 to the ducks and the Sox ended their season. Yesterday the pats lost in overtime (because they forgot how to score in the second half) so, um...shit.
Every player I've mentioned on the other team so far has scored or otherwise done well, so I figure I'll help my fantasy team with this one:
Woltek Wolski

Sunday, October 11, 2009


So I missed this game because of a wedding (Congrats to the happy couple!) but I was following along via phoneternet. So right about the time wedding cake was getting served, preseason superstar John Sim was scoring for the Islanders.

Yeah, THAT John Sim. ugggh
John Tavares also baby-faced his way to a goal. Whoop-de-freaking-do.
Seriously, he's playing pretty well so far.
So it looked like the Bruins were going to drop another game and end up going 1-3-0 to start the season, and then the third period started. By all accounts the Bruins stole the game, which is always good. Then they realized that HELLO IT IS THE ISLANDERS WE SHOULD NOT BE LOSING TO THEM PEOPLE LETS GET THIS TOGETHER
Oh, I get it! Score THROUGH the goalie!
Seriously, look at the hole in his chest. Nice going. Now it's time to put some pucks in there.

End of the third.

Shootout city.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Game 4 Preview: Tavares @ Bruins TAVARES TAVARES TAVARES

I'm at a wedding this weekend, so here's your even-more-mailed-in-than-usual preview:

John Tavares was the first overall pick in the last draft.
Roloson and probably Thomas in nets. Boychuk might not be playing. I assume if the Bruins lose to the fucking ISLANDERS we'll be seeing Tuukka and Johnny on Monday.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Game 3 Review: VOMIT


So every goddamn team that I was rooting for last night lost to California. Bruins lost 6-1, Sox lost 5-0 (or something), Wild fell apart at the very end to lose 6-3, and Columbus didn't quite have it against Heatley's hat trick. At least my fantasy team with him doesn't start scoring until next week.

The Bruins powerplay sucked so hard that I was hoping the Bruins would take a penalty just to even the numbers of players on the ice. The PK managed to let old man teemu to bury 2 goals. If Tim Thomas is going to be a sieve every other game maybe the Bruins should look at this promising Rask kid soon. I expect him to play sometime this weekend, but I'm no NHL coach.

Also, the team in front of thomas looked like shit pretty much. I don't know nearly enough about defensive play to really criticize that, but I do know that the Bitz-Begin-Thornton line seemed to be the only ones still working after that beautiful Marco Sturm goal.

I mean goddamn. That one was the way the Bruins are supposed to play. They get the puck out of the zone and before the Ducks can do everything, Savard is dishing the puck to Sturm, who drives it five-hole for a pretty goal.


Hell yeah this game rules! WOOOO

Then you watch the kids come out and whoever was 99 in red was either playing below his age or the Hobey Baker winner 2020. Scored two goals, looked great out there.

Then, uh...


everything sorta goes black for a while, and I remember yelling at the refs a lot. A whole ton, really. 2 quick calls against the Bruins led to two quick goals by the Selanne. Goddamn I hate the Ducks.

Blah blah corey perry is a bitch blah blah

Bobby Ryan, don't you hit Blake like that! I'M TELLING YOUR MOTHER YOUNG MAN!

Anyhow, California sucks.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game 3 Preview: Anaheim @ Boston FINNS? IN OUR HOUSE?

Look! Finns!
OCTOBER 8, 2009

7:00 PM ET


Here's some random thoughts since I can't piece together a coherent sentence right now:

  • Corey Perry is a little bitch. Getzlaf is a beast. And this team just let the Minnesota Wild score 3 goals in the third period for their first 3-goal 3rd-period comeback ever.
  • Anaheim is one of my least favorite teams in the league. Screw 'em.
  • I hope Hiller is as much of a sieve as Giguere was last night.
  • Goddamn I have been mailing these in. One of these days...
  • Gameday threads at SCoC and BoC.
  • Oh and there's a baseball game on right after, also Anaheim vs. Boston.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Milan Lucic signed a 3-year deal with the Bruins today. How does that make you feel?





Image and video hosting by TinyPic

12.25 million/3 years = 4ish/year. Take away his current cap hit (850k) and glen murray's buyout (1.38m) and it's like he signed for less than 2million over his current cap hit. Of course, that doesn't help much considering we're already up against the cap. Hrmmmm.

(p.s. how much was it for? I'm a little scared...)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


This was a pretty huge game. Bruins came out attacking, and you're not getting a very complete recap as a result of too many goals.

First of all, the Fred Cusick tribute video:

Package marked: "c/o dafoomie"

Here's your first:


Savard's was a third chance on a powerplay that Cam Ward had no chance at.

Ryder one-timed a rebound from the slot. On the clip, the carolina announcer was just talking about him when he scoops it in.

Wheeler got his on a 2-on-1 rush.

3 goals in 21 shots. So that was the first period. What a game!

Then your second period:

Begin dumps Aaron Ward on his ass. Conflicting moment, there. Aaron Ward is awesome but so is seeing a hurricane get knocked over. More on that later.

DON'T MIND ME, I'M JUST STURMFACING OVER HERE. Savard picks off a pass around the boards and throws it to Sturm right in front of the net. Sturm puts it in. Delightfully done. Welcome back, Marco!

Caaaaaaaaaam Waaaaaaaaaaaard sits down for the night.

Michael Leighton lets in a powerplay goal from Wideman at the point. Chara has been sneaking in down low recently.

Scott Walker. 5-1.

Begin forechecks the shit out of Andrew Alberts, puts it in front of Leighton and Thornton taps it in.

Not only did they annihilate the Hurricanes on the scoreboard, they also did it on the ice.
At 4:30 of that clip, you watch Thornton casually skate over to Alberts, not even watching the play. A man with purpose, with poise. Then Jack Edwards (bless that man's homer voice) goes off on the fight. Shades of Dallas. And a killer win to boot.

Oh yeah Matt Hunwick scored one too.



There are 5 Bruins who haven't scored a point (must have played). They are: Krejci, Bitz, Kobasew, Ference, Thomas.

Shawn Thornton still has twice as many fights than goals.

That's more like it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

GAME 2: Bruins vs. Hurricanes: Revenge?

Let's get 2 point out of this one, boys. If you don't know what this game means, you just started following the Bruins. Welcome! The Carolina Hurricanes knocked the Bruins out of the playoffs last year in overtime of game 7 of the Conference Semifinals. Here's the picture everybody's going to lead with, may as well get it out of the way:Here's what to really remember about May 14th, 2009:Byron Bitz started the scoring from Krejci and Ryder, having taken Blake Wheeler's spot in the playoffs. Local promising new rookie gets the "we want bitz" treatment and now he's just put the bruins ahead in game 7 at home. This was a good day, truly.

Then Rod the Bod put one in, followed by former Bruins Sergei Samsonov. There's a feeling of dread that comes into play here. That "oh shit, please let the bruins score. Pretty please.

Milan Lucic tied it up in the third, as the refs put away their whistles. There's hope. Third period ends, and I just get this awful feeling. You know this could easily not end well. You've seen the Bruins lose in OT before. Usually off some fluke shit goal. Your fears are answered:

Overtime. Game 7. Scott Walker.Fin.

Game is at 7pm on NESN. Tonight, they will be honoring the Memory of Fred Cusick, who passed away recently at the age of 90. He's going to get a silver microphone hung next to Johnny Most's, and the NESN Broadcasting booth will be re-named the Fred Cusick broadcasting booth. If you don't know why, look up some highlights on youtube. Or check out his book.


Hurricanes also dropped their first game, to the Flyers, 2-0. They had like 800 powerplays. If Ray Emery can shut them out, hmm.

Here's to some real live Saturday night hockey.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

GAME 1 RECAP: <3 Patrice <3

BONJOUR! Je m'appelle Patrice Bergeron! J'ai marqué un but!

Thanks, Alix!

Aside from Patrice Bergeron being the man, we now know that Derrick Morris doesn't like Ovechkin...probably because of this:

You can't see it, but the puck goes BETWEEN Morris's legs. He threw some good hits tonight, most against the Gr8 one. (excuse me, I need to vomit about that.)

Patrice Bergeron is also looking absolutely great. No really, fantastic. Oh look, here he is scoring the Bruins only goal, basically short-handed but .00001 seconds too late to be counted as such (lame):
(apologies to Evan for NHL video clip and sentence fragments :))

Oh game recap? Sure: Ovechkin, Ovechkin, Ovechkin, Ovechkin, Bergeron.


The Bruins looked like they were trying a bunch of passes that just barely missed. A lot. It's frustrating to watch.

They'll be better on Saturday, right? RIGHT?

GAME 1: Capitals @ Bruins HOME OPENER


GOOD MORNING BOSTON (and possible readers elsewhere). It's a beautiful morning here, perfect weather to cram into an arena or bar or living room to watch THE BEGINNING OF HOCKEY SEASON!!! There are few words to describe how excited I am at this point, and if you're reading this you probably don't need to hear them again and again and again.

The offseason has been a wild one, what with the court cases and offseason moves and kessel fucking off to Toronto, but that's all over for now. Tonight, we see the beginning of what could be another magical season or a disappointment. I'm not one for predictions, you can find those elsewhere. I suggest Two Line Pass's hockey haiku predictions (east | west) for a fun brain teaser.
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Ovechkin hurt, January 2009

But enough about silly predictions. Let's get down to brass tacks. The Caps are a good team, and almost (ALMOST!) brought Chris Bourque to play in Boston's home opener. He was excited to make the team and interviewed about it, only to be put on waivers. Pittsburgh picked him up. Sobotka was assigned to providence, and the opening night Bruins roster is set, likely involving one David Krejci at center.

Game starts at 7pm, and will show on Versus tonight. If you have DirectTV, you might not be able to see the game so feel free to call and complain before heading over to a buddy's house to watch. People should be celebrating the start of the season anyhow, this is as good a reason as any to get together!

Holy crap I just rambled a bunch and I have no idea how coherent it is but I don't care because TONIGHT IS WHEN IT STARTS!