Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Out with the old, in with the

The U.S. election brouhaha is over, and now we get to the real important stuff:  The All-Star game voting.  As mentioned yesterday, Tim Thomas got snubbed after winning last year.  hubhockey wants to boycott, I want to take it over.  So when the polls open on November 12, remember:  Habs suck.  Write in Tim Thomas.  You can see the campaign button I made over on the left, there.  I am now declaring open season on campaign posters, stickers, etc.  send all submissions to:

And I'll post whatever I get on the site here.  Together, we can elect Thomas to the starting position, but it will be tough.  Let's do it.  Habs suck.

UPDATE!  Hub Hockey has a great campaign poster.

Oh, and in other hockey news.  Check out Fluto and friends on BruinsBlog for better coverage:
  • Sobotka's heading down to providence for the weekend.  Not sure why, exactly, but them's the breaks.  
  • Kobasew could be back in the lineup on Thursday.
  • People have been practicing.  Hunwick in, Kobasew in, Hnidy out.  Nisky's safe for now.
  • Stanley cup of chowder is at it again with hugging harry reynolds.


Hub Hockey said...

I also vowed to start the "Vote for Tim Thomas" campaign yesterday. We should team up with this and bring Tim Thomas to the All-Star game. Already started working on some graphics and will send them to you once they are done...

Tom said...

Funny, I thought Hnidy actually looked a lot better the past couple of games.