Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game 19 Preview: Buffalo @ Bruins BRU FEST/COAT DRIVE NIGHT

Nov 19, 2008 7:00 PM ET
On Radio: WBZ
vs. Buffalo Sabres (9-5-3)
  • This is the third time we're playing these guys, and it's only November. We're currently 1-0-1 vs. them. We play again on November 26th.  See previous recaps:
  • Game 6: 2-2 SO Loss in Buffalo
  • Game 18: 3-1 Win at Home
  • If you're going to the game, bring an old coat to donate for charity.
  • Congrats to Chuck Kobasew on his 300th game tonight.
  • Sturm is out of the lineup tonight.
  • Manny in net.  He's won his last 3 games, is 4-0-1 in his last 5 starts.
  • The good Dr. Mirtle writes about projections vs. last year's performance.  Bruins are 2nd in points difference, 7th in Goals for difference, and 3rd in Goals against difference.  All in all, better than last year.
  • Tonight is the second Sam Adams Bru Fest.
  • HubHockey has another SteveDangle video, this one about the all-star game.
  • After scoring his first NHL goal the other night, Matt Hunwick got 20+ texts.
  • has more on the Ference Injury. Badass. He should be back in January.
  • John Beattie has a "Jack Edwards call of the week" feature on his blog.  This week's winner: “…with more moves than a monkey with 100 feet of rope…” prior to Rangers right winger Nikolai Zherdev’s shootout attempt in the Bruins’ 3-2 shootout loss at MSG
  • Jack Edwards is into Poetry.  Sick.
Lindy Ruff thinks the Bruins are for real:
“I think they’re definitely one of the top teams,” said the Buffalo bench boss. “Their depth up front, the fact that (PatriceBergeron’s back, (PhilKessel’s kind of having his coming-out party, (MarcSavard’s a real good player, Sturm, great two-way player. They’ve got good depth, they’ve got a solid defense, led by a guy that’s an All-Star and he happens to be 7-foot-11 (Zdeno Chara) or whatever he is – so that’s big enough and good enough. They’re a good team and their goaltending’s been good. All aspects of their team have been good, so they’re one of the teams we’re going to have to look up to, one of the teams you’re going to have to beat.
Thanks to New England Hockey Journal.

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  • The Bear Cave: "Dennis Wideman, Phil Kessel, Chuck Kobasew, and Craig Rivet are the only four players with more than one point in the season series."
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  • Preview | GameDay | Notes (pdf)
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  • thumbnails
  • Top Shelf: "We're done with them after this game, right? Please?"  Sorry, we play again on the 26th.
5 Questions with the Enemy:
For today's session, we have Heather B from Top Shelf.  Top Shelf takes it's name from a Rick Jeanneret call, "TOP SHELF, WHERE MOMMA HIDES THE COOKIES."  
Let's see what she has to say:

1) Who's impressed you so far this season?

For us?  I think it has to be Thomas Vanek.  He's managed to ride his good second half of last season into this season.  He's looking much more confident and comfortable in his skin so far than he did most of last year - huge contracts will do that to you sometimes, I guess - and he's slowly but steadily improving his play in the defensive zone as well.  He's started killing penalties some this year and was practically beaming when he scored his first ever short-handed goal last month.  It's nice to see him becoming the go-to guy he's capable of being.

For you?  I covet Milan Lucic.  I love all of Buffalo's speedy little guys but a dose of talented size would be awesome.  If you guys ever want to get rid of him, let me know.

2) Obviously you'll like Rick Jeanneret best, but have you heard Jack Edwards?

Sadly, I don't have Center Ice or anything like that so I never hear anyone else's announcing team.  Sorry!

3) All-star voting?

It is what it is.  It seems like there's always one or two guys who are having great seasons who get left off the ballot but as long as it's fan voting, it's going to be a popularity contest.  I'm mostly in the "Give the people what they want" camp.  (As long as the people aren't Canadiens fans using tricky means that is.)  If a guy gets the most votes, he should play.  It's just an exhibition game.  I do wish the voting didn't start so early in the season though.  Is that necessary?  The game is forever away!

4) Does Buffalo have a local music group that represents it, akin to Boston's Dropkick Murphy's?

I'm not a music person so I can't tell you how well-known they are nationally these days or how many people relate them to Buffalo but the Goo Goo Dolls have very strong ties to Buffalo.  Johnny Rzenik and Robbie Takac both grew up in the area and both still have homes here.  They have a music studio in these parts and Robbie in particular is very involved with the local scene and runs an annual music festival which is pretty cool.  They both always speak very fondly of Buffalo which Buffalonians are suckers for.  Anyone who appreciates us is a-ok in our book.

5) Who will win tonight's game?

Well, jeez, I have to say us, right?  The Sabres are coming off two poor games - one half-effort against Pittsburgh and a match-up with Columbus that barely qualified as a hockey game.  I think Lindy Ruff coddled them a little at times last year but so far this season he seems to be riding them pretty hard (as he should) and really pushing them after bad games.  I expect to see them play much better hockey tonight with better all-around defense which will be the key.  (For all my complaining about how often we face Boston though I will say, you guys are still being very underrated.  I won't be the least bit surprised when you're in the playoffs this year.)

Once again, that's Heather B from Top Shelf.  Thanks again to you, Heather!

If anyone has a picture of Thomas punching that Sabre they always show in the Garden, please send it to me.  Thanks!

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Evan50 said...

I will take the Murphys any day over the Goo Goo Dolls. Buffalo is a miserable second rate city.