Friday, November 14, 2008



It finally happened!  I mean, beating the Habs in the regular season is good and all, but this bout has been "Bruin" ever since Komisarek and Lucic met each other, and especially during the playoffs.

Hahahahahahaha, baller.

Lucic is killer.

Anyhow, there were some important things that happened in this game.  Let's head to the recap:

I was sitting in front of a family of montreal fans:  a mother, a father, and their little kid.  It was the kid's first hockey game.  The bruins have a history this year of ruining kid's first hockey games, but I don't care.

Theme for the game:  Caaaa-reeeeey  Caaaaa-reeeey  Caaaa-reeeey

Remember when the All-Star ballot came out, and Thomas wasn't on it, and Shawn Thornton said "he should campaign."?  Me too.  Anyhow, he makes the case for Carey Price not being an all-star like three minutes into the game:

If that doesn't say "Vote Thomas," I don't know what does.

Still in the first period, the crowd is excited.  The fourth line is rocking and rolling.  Stephane "Rebel" Yelle on the attack!

2-0.  Game-winner.  Sick.

But they're not done yet.  The third line decides it's time for the German to work his magic.  Tic-tac-toe, Sturm's on a Roll.

End of the first.  The arena is buzzing.  I'm starting to worry people will leave for the Pats game.  But nobody there wants to miss it if the show keeps rolling.
A little midget hockey and we move on to the second.

The worst part of this whole period was Andrew Ference going down in the Bs defensive zone.  he stayed down for a while, and then when the ref refused to call the injury stoppage, he had to get up and limp around until they could get it out.  It probably aggravated his injury, too.  Still, he still played some solid defense on one leg.

But back to the good news.  Sturm wants another one, and he isn't robbed by interference like in the last game.

4-0.  Against the Habs.

Then Montreal makes the one goal of the game that they actually got.  Saku on the goal.  It's not like they didn't have a ton of chances, or weren't better-rested, or anything.  It just wasn't happening there.

End of the Second.
Third Period.  Are the Habs going to get on the comeback bus?  
Nope.  Komisarek jaws at Lucic.  Lucic responds.

5-1.  Getting the goal is huge.  
Goal scored, Lucic decides it's time to take care of some business.  See video above.
To finish off the game, Yelle figures to get while the getting's good.

6-1. Second goal.  Game.
Let's see, that's:
1 goal from the top line
0 goals from the second
2 goals from the third
3 goals from the fourth

Carey Price is obviously all-star material.  At least, that's what the robot vote says.  You know who else the robots voted for?
That's right.  Robot Nixon.

Takeaways from this game:
Hiding Sturm on the third line is genius.  Who do you cover with your top lines?  
Here are your options:


What's it gonna be?


Other notes:

Other folks have written about this momentous occasion:
Record: 10-3-3
Home Record: 5-1-1
L10: 8-2-0
Streak: W5


Tom said...

Having spent last night in the hospital awaiting the birth of my son, so I missed this game. I am SO glad that you provided a blow-by-blow replay to make me feel like I watched it. God, this was even better than the Dallas game.

Fuck yeah. Just... fuck yeah.

A very happy father

Matt said...

Were you part of the group of fans that were cheering when the two Montreal families had to move because it wasn't safe for them?

Unknown said...

No, in fact I wished them a safe and fun evening before the game started. I sit at a balcony, so there's very little I can do to any other fan. As much as I dislike the Habs as a team, I only dislike the Habs fans when they try to take over our home building. The woman was very nice and a Tim Thomas fan, to boot. The kid was taking in his first hockey game, and I love hockey, so I felt bad for him. I was more worried about the two drunks on either side that were trying to fight each other.

A little good-natured taunting is ok, but creating an unsafe environment is a little too far.