Friday, August 28, 2009

A few matters of business:

This video gets the high score for most hilarious video I've seen today:

Warning: don't watch it where people won't appreciate laughing hysterically to "I will always love you."

Second order of business: I need an assistant GM (or a replacement GM, but do you really want to take the heat for my previous picks? I didn't think so) for the Cycle Like the Sedins re-draft. We're at the 10th of 11th round now, Boston picks 25th and its serpentine.

If you'd like in, please email me or reply in the comments.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

P.J. Axelsson interview in HockeyBladet

This is a Swedish interview with P.J. "Pebben" Axelsson. It was translated by my new favorite Finn, sleza. I cleaned up the translation a little bit. I think it captures the spirit of the thing, which is basically a smear article against the Bruins. Whether P.J. was taken out of context or not, I do not know. It comes from the Swedish hockey news site, Let's read together:

Thought he could stay in NHL: "I think it was poor of Boston."

Yesterday Per-Johan Axelsson made a comeback in Frölunda. After 11 years in NHL he felt rejected and fooled by Boston. "It was bad. They said they were interested in but it wasn't so," says Per-Johan Axelsson, 34.

In Boston Per-Johan Axelsson was one of the great profiles and during latter years he was a veteran of the team and club. In spring his deal with Boston ended but fans and Per-Johan Axelsson himself were hoping he'd play in Boston another year. But Pebben became a pawn in political game where money plays the main role. He also was fooled by team management. "When the season was over in Boston, I went to team management and said that I want to stay. I could play for a lower price too," says Per-Johan Axelsson.

Pebben and Boston talked during the whole summer and he thought he would stay in the club. But such a contract offer didn't came. "I think it was bad from Boston. They said they were interested but it wasn't so. But everything is relative there," says Axelsson. When Pebben decided to continue his career in Frölunda, he got 2 calls from Boston. "Both Don Sweeney and Cam Neely called and thanked me for the time in Boston."

Yesterday Pebben played his first game in Frölunda (4-3 against LHC). He was tired and rested most of the third period in the game against Linköping (LHC). "There's lot of ice in Sweden. It is actually a huge difference from NHL. But my game will come. I will train extra," says Pebben. He also thinks that the game is different in Sweden compared with NHL: "In NHL it's more puck in the stick and go."

Even though Pebben didn't have a perfect game, Frölunda won 4-3. There was also a first taste about the 1st line, in which Riku Hahl will center Joel Lundqvist - injures yesterday - and Per-Johan Axelsson.

Editor's note: You read that right, folks: P.J. is back on the top line. He already has at least an assist in preseason play. Thanks again to sleza for translating this for us.

Holy crap I can't wait for the season to start.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fake NHL Re-Draft UPDATE!

So I've been drafting away over at the Cycle Like the Sedins Fake NHL Re-Draft, and I'm sure I've been doing a middling job, but here's the team as it looks now. I keep end up picking defensemen for some reason, but there we are. Here's the team as it stands now:

Smyth, Ryan - Thornton, Joe - Martin Havlat

Dennis Wideman Oduya, Johnny
Jackman, Barrett Hunwick, Matt

Nabokov, Evgeni

Bruins have the 25th pick in a serpentine draft. I haven't been doing any trading. Here's the picks board. I'm open to suggestions.

Even if it's a fake lineup

Friday, August 14, 2009

P.J. Axelsson Swedish play and interview

Howdy y'all. Here's a video of P.J. "Pebben" Axelsson practicing with the Indians and talking in Swedish!

Good stuff, pointed out to me by the ever-helpful and wicked clutch sleza, who has her own blog over here.

Apparently he got a puck in the face recently and had to sit out for a preseason game or two.

And Tom Brady is back and that owns. Go Pats.
Go Indians!

Hockey Movie Month: Miracle (2004)

Hey Rizzo!
Nice goal!

Photos of the real thing aside, the movie Miracle is a Disney Sports Drama. It will make you laugh, make you think you have something in your eye, root for the good guys, and repeatedly mention that the CCCP "shows no emotion." Disney's been in the business of clearly delineating the Good Guys and Bad Guys for a long time, and they excel at it. In this case instead of plucky young team The Mighty Ducks, it's the Historic 1980 US Men's Olympic team, coached by Herb Brooks (played fantastically by Kurt Russell).

If you're an American hockey fan, still hate the USSR, are looking to get psyched for the Vancouver 2010 games, or are just plain looking for a triumphant flick to pass the time, I highly suggest picking up this particular one.
Of course, the hilarious thing is that the US didn't play CCCP in the gold medal game, though you'd only know it in the film if you listen very closely after they beat the soviets.

The on-ice action is pretty well done, the acting is good enough, and there are enough quotable moments. It was a great moment in US Hockey history, and a fun film to boot. Get it now from your local library/movie rental/netflix/whatever and watch it!
I'd also like to take this time to point out that the US olympic team has the potential to surprise some people. Although jerks like Ryan Kesler have already guaranteed a win and a victory over Canada, I'm cautiously optimistic about the USA team's chances to at least medal. I see Canada, Sweden, and USA duking it out for who gets to lose to Russia in the Final.

This blog will be covering the olympics from our parents basements just like we do for the Bruins.
Here's to Timmy and Phil making it happen 30 years later.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jordan Caron meets Colton Teubert

Sad news out of the Canada World Junior tryout last week via Fluto

First round pick Jordan Caron got smashed by '08 first rounder Colton Teubert and broke his collarbone. In '08 I was rooting for Colton to drop to the B's against all odds but luck was not on my side. Kid is a Chris Pronger clone. Gist of Fluto's story is that Caron will be out for about 4-6 weeks.

ANALYSIS-Caron was going to be returned to Rimouski for '09-'10 anyways so it doesn't affect this season really at all. Caron won't play for the B's rookies in Kitchener this fall which is too bad because I was excited to see play since he's supposedly Blake Wheeler only with an edge. Should be ready for training camp with the big boys, good experience for him although his chances of making the big club are very close to zero.

Good indication of the kind of competition that can be seen at these tryouts. Obviously another example for Paul Kelly to point to when telling NHL players to not participate slash insure themselves when they are heading to Olympic camps.

Since you asked. Yes I think Kaner should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if this story about him and the cabby is true. What a dumbass.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hockey Movie Month: Slap Shot (1977)

Well of course I'm going to start with this.

If you haven't seen this movie, go get it now. Rent it, stream it, whatever. Just watch it.

Hilarious flick with a killer soundtrack and Paul Newman as Reggie Dunlop.

One of my favorite lines in all of film, as well:
"Is the answer Jesus?"

For those that have watched, what's your favorite line?


Friday, August 7, 2009

August is Hockey Movie Month!

Howdy, y'all. It's been a while for me to write here, I know. (a full week, maybe? I can't be bothered to check.)

Today I am announcing that August is now officially Hockey Movie Month, because I am in withdrawal. Here's a list of movies I'll be starting with:

  • Slapshot
  • Miracle
  • Mystery, Alaska
  • Youngblood
  • The Rocket
  • 85th Anniversary History of the Bruins
  • Best of Bobby Orr
  • Youtube videos of Derrick Morris getting turned inside out.
Once watched, I'll be reviewing the film on here. So stay tuned, folks. We've got some movies to watch!

Go Chiefs, USA! USA! USA!, Mystery Alaska Men's Hockey Club, and especially

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's About Time--See Ya JR

Finally time to bid adieu to this outspoken gascon(props to I wonder how long it will take for Versus to step up and make him an analyst. Actually, strike that, they'll probably screw the pooch and JR will end up doing color for the Kings or something.
Entertaining idea-NESN should put him on with Milbury, that would make for some quality television.
I leave you with this image which will probably give me nightmares for the foreseeable future.

Editor's note: Image removed for gross.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is it October yet?

I just really want to see some new Savard passes through an entire roster for the perfect one-timer, some new Kessel breakaways (assuming he's still in Black and Gold), some new Lucic hits, some new Chara slapshots, and Timmy Tornado Tank Thomas saves.

And it's only August. Dammit. Here are a couple of Chara checks from a Bruins/habs game this past year.

You didn't really think there was any news, did you?

Here's Cabbie's journey to the cup in 25 minutes, worth a watch:

Cabbie's Journey To The Cup from cabbie richards on Vimeo.