Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More on the Tim Thomas Write in Campaign

The story is being picked up internet-wide. Tim Thomas has been robbed, just like he's done to so many shooters. Ba-ZING!
  • BruinsBlog: Shawn Thornton says "He should campaign."
  • Ward says "This is just another challenge to be overrun by 'The Tank'"
  • HubHockey: has already been mentioned, but they made the kickass graphic you're seeing to your left.
  • WEEI's Joe Haggarty: Claude Julien says "There are bigger things for Timmy to worry about"
  • Hockey Journal: Thomas says "I think I’ve been underestimated"
  • Puck Daddy: led with Thomas on the relevant post, despite snubbing Thomas after his back-to-back shutouts on his daily three stars post. I only bring it up because Puck Daddy is so consistently solid otherwise.
Voting begins November 12. Send campaign materials to