Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, so I missed the first period, mostly. Turned it on just in time to see the Leafs score for 2-1. So this recap will be pieced together out of boxtops and enthusiasm.

Check out this story about blind hockey.

And then re-read this story about Tim Thomas.

Or don't. Your loss. Recap time.
First Period:
Nearly halfway through, Lucic goes and gets the puck, throws it to Savard. Savard passes one off the boards to a streaking Kessel, he picks it up. Kessel goes 5-hole from far away. GOAL.


A couple minutes later, Lucic and Savard are at it again, this time anointing Matt Hunwick. Hunwick's first shot is blocked, but he's just getting Toskala out of position. GOAL.


Ok, here's the part where we've choked up a loss to these guys before. Crap.

I turn on the TV. Jason Blake rams one in short side. 2-1. Ugh.

Second Period.
Thornton and Mayers go at the beginning. Mayers drops his gloves early, because he's scared of Thornton. Andy Brickley explains, thanks to HockeyFights.com:

Versus explains why not to have interviews mid-game, and Chiarelli has no idea what to do. Whoever the interviewer is, they're a tool. Ward gets the puck from in front of the Net, and passes it to Ryder at the other Blue line. Ryder decides "oh, why not, I'll score" and follows through. GOAL.
(listen to this with audio if you like vomiting)


No more goal-scoring in the second, due to a tornado in front of the Boston net.

Third Period.
Grabovski scored about 10 minutes in, (3-2) and then the Bruins collapse for the last 10 minutes, just like in NYC. They can't be doing that. Luckily, Thomas is still in net.
All the way down to the final buzzer:


bruins.nhl.tv's save highlights for the game:

Other thoughts:
  • We looked like crap out there. Thanks to Thomas, we still got the win. Some days that will be Manny, and he can steal games too.
  • Goal by Ryder! He showed what he can do...against Vesa Toskala.
  • Thornton's fight was embarassing. I'm not a huge fight fan, but I can see when it doesn't go well.
  • If anyone feels like doing some photshopping, Thomas as wall, Thomas as Superman, or Thomas carrying the team would be appropriate. What a beast.
  • Hunwick looked pretty good, the goal didn't hurt. Ference is out until January, but his surgery went well.

Record: 11-3-4
Away: 6-2-3
L10: 8-1-1
Streak: W1

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Cornball - where did this hockey love come from? I swear the only ice-related talk that I've ever heard come out of your mouth was in reference to broomball.