Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Me!

Sydney Crosby SCORES! off the Hossa rebound
Sydney Crosby SCORES! off the Hossa rebound off the 4 other rebounds
Brooks Orpik GETS 4 HITS IN 10 SECONDS or so
I like that a fourth liner got the game winner.

Also, did you SEE FRANZEN? It was a dominant move. He just said, "fuck it, I'm putting this in" and then skated up from the blue line and did it. The Franzen, no one can stop him. When's his contract up, again? I want him in every city I root for.

Looks like we have ourselves the beginning of a series. We'll find out Saturday if it really is. The question on everyone's mind: Is Detroit going to continue to stay at the hotel they're in, whose address has been posted on the Pensblog, or are they flying the 205 miles back to Detroit (exact distance between the Igloo and the Joe is about that) for Thursday, Friday to come back Saturday? Or will they fall victim to a "faulty" fire alarm at 1:30am like the penguins did before game 1? (Seriously, it happened. Ryan Malone's Response: "The fire alarms in Pittsburgh don't always work, either, so we'll see" (ok, I'm paraphrasing).

Sydney Crosby has consistently been one of the hardest-working Penguins throughout the series. This is one of the many reasons why he is so good. (A whole bunch of talent doesn't hurt, either.)

And the next time you have 5 minutes and want to hear Wild Coach Jacques Lemaire say some silly things in press conferences, check this out

The finals have gotten more exciting. I'm now a bruins season ticket holder. Whoops?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Morning

Well, game 2 of the finals is tonight, and whether the Penguins of the first period of game one or the second two periods shows up will decide whether Detroit goes up 2-0 or not. If Pittsburgh loses tonight, they'll have to win game 3 at home (and it would be highly advisable for them to win game 4, as well.) Wait, the home team should always win game 3 in a series, unless they're winning all over the place otherwise, maybe. Didn't end up helping the bruins too much to win game 3, but that's old history from the first round. Let's just say I wouldn't mind having to pick between Detroit/Boston series. The scheduling conflict would be even worse then, though.

Malkin has to be injured, or hitting a slump at the worst possible time. I respect that he's playing through it, but a little reduced ice time might be good. Then again, he's got all offseason to rest up. If Franzen is back, then Pittsburgh has even more problems than they did before - as we all know, the Franzen, no one can stop him. Lidstrom looks like a likely candidate for the first European captain to win the cup, though it's only been one game and Pittsburgh can change all of that tonight by playing the full 60 minutes. And no stumbling, Fleury.

Frankly, I just want there to be 6 more games left, rather than 3.