Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ho. Ly. Crap. What a crazy game. Other acceptable words: Zany, wacky, astounding, silly, etc, etc.

Let's cut the chit-chat, and kick off our recap.
The starting lineup for the bruins: Thornton-Yelle-Nokelainen Hnidy-Stuart Fernandez.
That's right, our fourth line starts. Coach must know what he's doing.

Less than two minutes in, Pominville: population Goal.
For some reason, I don't really like the guy. I don't know. Whatever. 0-1. Less than 2 minutes in.

A minute later, Wheeler steals the puck in the offensive zone, sets up the sick pass to Kobasew. One-timer/deflection/back-door. Miller=pwned.

Sick set-up. 1-1. Less than 3 minutes in.

4:30 or so. Ludman shoots it in, Derek Roy deflects it past Manny. Buffalo Goal. That drunk guy in the Thomas jersey is trying to start a "Hook 'em" chant. Julien stays the course. The buffalo fans are getting excited. Sing while you're winning, right?
1-2. Less than 5 minutes in.

While they're announcing the second goal, Vanek gets a goal. I don't usually post opponent's goals, but this is rick jeanneret.

Compare with Top Shelf. 1-3. Still less than 5 minutes in.

Don't worry, the next 15 minutes stay exciting.

David Krejci sings "anything you can do, I can do better" as he skates down during the announcement of the last goal and knuckles it past Miller. Goal.

2-3. If you took the over in this game, you're pretty confident. Less than 6 minutes in.

A scuffle happens, Mark Stuart and Andrew Peters go to the box, but so does Shawn Thornton, serving Mark Stuart's penalty. Buffalo Power Play. What do ya know? Thomas Vanek gets in front of the net, deflects another one in. That guy in the Moog jersey is trying to start a "pull the goa-lie" chant. Buffalo fans are spilling beer, they're celebrating so hard.
2-4. Less than 13 minutes in.

Manny announces "No Mas."

While they're announcing that goal, Kessel and Savard play some Magic: The Goalscoring.
Savard rams it into the backdoor. Again. Goal.

3-4. The last goal of the period.

Intermission: You get a beer and ask where you can buy a Thomas Jersey. Julien talks to his team.

Second Period. We end up on the PowerPlay early. Zdeno Chara(enstein) stands tall on the blueline. Winds up. Bergeron passes. Chara's gravitational pull brings it in. SLAP! GOAL!

4-4. Less than 3 minutes into the 1st. Tie Game.

Hunwick shoots, misses. It's ok. Kobasew picks it up, banks it off Miller's back. Is that even a back door, or just crappy luck?

The guy sitting next to you explains that that goal is the exact same that knocked his high school team out of the playoffs in overtime his junior year.
5-4. Our First Lead. Kobasew is on Hat-Trick watch.

Late in the second. Power Play. You blink if you miss it. Faceoff-somebody-chara-bergeron-chara.

6-4. Kobasew AND Chara are on Hat-Trick watch.

Third Period. You find out Lundqvist got pulled in the "Revenge 1994" game. King Nothing plays in your head.

Two major plays that I can remember from this period. First up, the top line gets the shovels out. Lucic tries, fails. Luckily, Kessel is right there, waiting. Goal.

7-4. Everybody's trying to start a "Mil-ler" chant, but what's this? That's not Miller #30 in net anymore. Patrick Lalime comes in. The whole rest of the game (all 17 or so minutes of it), Lalime and Manny are perfect. Here's a Manny save for you:

Game over man, Game over!
And Here's Jack and Andy with some commentary:

  • Crazy game. Manny held on, though, and our goalscoring machine worked.
  • 30 goals in 3 games last night
  • Any night where two division rivals pull their goalies is good. Especially if one is in the building.
Other Random Good Hockey stuff:

Record: 12-3-4
Home: 6-1-1
L10: 8-1-1
Streak: W2

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Greg Nation said...

our O looked slicker than ever and our D looked a little too trigger happy. at least a couple of buffalo's goals came with D players falling out of position to go chase after the guy with the puck. D players gotta remember, don't put yourself where the puck is, put yourself where the puck wants to go.