Thursday, November 6, 2008

Game 13 Preview: Toronto@Bruins BRU FEST NIGHT

Nov 6, 2008 7:00 PM ET
On the Radio: WBZ 1030

vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (5-4-4)

  • Kobasew has been skating with the team. Hnidy hasn't, due to "lower body" injury.
  • Sobotka's been sent down to Providence for the weekend.
  • Kobasew out, Hnidy out, Stuart "available," Hunwick in.
  • Blake Wheeler switched numbers to 26.
  • Glen Murray's back, and claims he couldn't be bought out because he's hurt.
  • Mark Stuart had enough time to blog because he's battling the flu and wasn't at practice yesterday.
  • We've already played the Leafs once. They outworked us in that game to come back from 2-0 to go 4-2.
  • Toskala in net.
  • All-Star Write-In Tim Thomas in net.
  • Our penalty kill is still worst in the league. Toronto and Colorado are only 1% better.
  • Petteri Nokelainen is one of the league's leaders in Penalty Plus/Minus. The ForeChecker is solid.
  • Puck the Media just discovered Jack "SAVE BY THOMAS" Edwards.
  • Solid costume over at
  • has a story on how the bruins have hopefully learned their lesson.
  • Tonight is Bru Fest. Still no word from the team on how Season Ticket Holders can get in without buying a new ticket. I guess they just want to inflate ticket sales. I can't be bothered to spend (2x$45=)$90 for a beer and the priveledge of scalping a crappy ticket.
5 Questions with a Leafs Blogger:
I'm trying out a new thing, asking bloggers of other teams to answer 5 questions.
Our first: Loser Domi, of The Wonderful World of Loser Domi.  I've included the whole email verbatim here:
I don't know if you read my blog, but I'm more of a humour blog than actual in-depth analysis. How did you hear of it? (just curious) I apologize if this makes this request a bit odd. However, I shall answer to the best of my abilities. 
1) Toronto's MVP so far?
I've been really impressed with Schenn, Kubina, Moore, Kulemin 
2) Boston and Toronto have the two worst PKs in the league.  What's your excuse?
they need MORE BACON
3) Ron Wilson so far?
Ron Wilson is at the very least entertaining to me. He probably causes nightmare in others, however.
4) Sundin?
Sundin is currently living on a farm that's too far away to visit, where he has lots of sunshine and room to run around in and plenty of Swedish meatballs to eat. 
5) Who will win?
as much as it pains me to say it, Bruins, becasue they almost always win against the Leafs, and that makes me sad

So there you have it, folks.  More Bacon is the key to a good penalty kill.  Thanks again to Loser Domi for answering my email.  And agreeing that we all hate the Habs.

Other Previews:
Tim Thomas Campaign Headquarters Update:
  • Picked up the story, same quotes from Thornton, Thomas, Julien.  Usually this means it's in the morning paper.
  • Puck Daddy: Leads with Hub Hockey's post about the Vote Tim Thomas Campaign.
  • Facebook:  Join the Vote Tim Thomas group, started by Hub Hockey's Chris.  Solid move, Chris.

Voting begins November 12. Send campaign materials to


Obligatory Youtube:
It's a classic.


Loser Domi said...

thanks again for tapping me. I feel honoured

Unknown said...

How quaint, you use the canadian spelling. But you bet. Thanks for responding! This has been a successful experiment so far.

Loser Domi said...

I can't help it, I'm an American at a Canadian school

Evan50 said...

Really? An "obligatory" YouTube fan video at the end of a preview? Have you really sunk so low that you are stealing my lame ideas?\I know you have better ideas than that. I loved your idea to interview the opposing team's bloggers. I wish I had thought of it, but I won't do it because it is your thing. Obligatory embarassing fan videos are my thing.

Thanks again for all support in Iron Ref.

Evan50 said...

That is a great video though.

Unknown said...

I already did the one where Toskala lets in the long goal last time, and it didn't work.