Friday, November 21, 2008

Game 20: Florida @ Bruins SLAPSHOT NIGHT

Nov 21, 2008 7:00 PM ET
On the Radio: WBZ
vs. Florida Panthers (7-9-1)

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5 Questions with the enemy:
Today's "5 questions with the enemy" victim is Whale4Ever over at The Litter Box. Aside from having a hilarious name, he covers the Florida Panthers daily. Sort of like this blog, but with more paragraphs. Anyhow, here we go:

1) Who has impressed you so far?
1. As for Florida, there hasn't been much to be impressed about, unfortunately. I really like what Bryan McCabe brings to the PP; always a threat from the blueline. Forward Michael Frolik finally got his first career goal last night against New Jersey. I say "finally" only because it hasn't been for a lack of hustle or speed. You'll hear about this kid. The Bruins? Thomas has been otherworldly.

2) How do you feel about the Jokinen trade?
2. I was mentally prepped for the loss of Jokinen, especially following his (non) performances after the Zednik accident, so it came as no surprise. When the deal went down, I saw the players involved (d-men Ballard, Boynton, and a pick) and just knew there would be hell to pay from fans who only viewed Olli as the Florida savior or something like that. He's a terrific player, with a passion for the community he lives in...he's just not a captain, not for the younger folks populating the Cats' ranks. Most everyone down here appreciates the depth of the disjointed relationship Jokinen had with (former coach, now GM) Jacques Martin. It just couldn't go on any longer. And I love Ballard. The guy is formidable.

3) The only things I know about Florida are what Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry told me. What am I missing?
3. Wow...never hear about Barry anymore! I'll approach this question from a different angle: evidently there are a lot of hockey fans who believe the Panthers play in Miami, so allow me to say again, for the record, that the Cats reside in Sunrise. That's some 30 miles from downtown Miami, and about ten miles or so northwest of Ft. Lauderdale. And it's beautiful terrain; look out to the west of BankAtlantic Center and all you see is the Everglades, stretching to the horizon, as far as the eye can see. Phenomenal. Another Florida fact? As I type this the temperature is 47 degrees in northern Palm Beach County...but it'll be 75 in a few hours. Think I'll wax the boat this afternoon... ;) [Ed: Damn.]

4) Do you remember Russo, who used to write about the Panthers? He writes up in Minnesota now.
4. Mike Russo is still very highly regarded down here, and he does a fantastic job with the Wild. His blog is a daily stop. Too bad he takes a bit of heat from some of his readers up there for "slipping" Panthers' references into his articles. Personally I don't see it too often. We're in pretty good hands with Steve Gorten and George Richards. Dedicated dudes. [Ed: they just mean ANY TIME AT ALL that he references them is too many.]

5) Who will win Friday's game?
5. The Cats have beaten San Jose, Anaheim, Ottawa (early), and almost got Detroit. Losses? Atlanta, LA, Ottawa (later), St. Louis. There's a trend at work here, so my pick is Florida over the surging Broons. We're still only spinning our wheels though, until a deal of substance for scoring - anywhere - can be made.

So there you have it, folks. Whale4Ever, who runs the hilariously-named The Litter Box. Check out his blog for the other side of the rink's opinion on tonight's game.


In honor of Slap Shot night:

Sneaky-good line: "Is the answer Jesus?"