Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Howdy, folks.  It's turkey day here in the US, and before I rush off to the family stuff, I'd like to just give thanks for anyone who's read the blog, who's commented, and especially those of you out there who have posted links on your own/let me post links in your liveblogs and comments sections.  I have really enjoyed this season so far, from the season tickets I foolishly bought myself on my birthday, to all the folks who've made this blog worth writing, to anyone who has gone to a hockey game with me.

Also, big ups to people I talk hockey with.  

Thanks to the victims of "5 Questions with the Enemy."  If some random guy emailed me with 5 questions about the bruins, I'm not so sure I would answer.  Just a look back, here are the participants:
And thanks to the Sabres for bringing me back down to earth.  Enjoy thanksgiving, and of course,



Unknown said...

Good going See Five. i read occasionally and enjoy the blog. today's entry especially made me happy.
Gump Worsley

Unknown said...

Thanks, unca Gump.