Friday, November 7, 2008

Game 13 Recap: Bruins 5 Leafs 2 HAT TRICK WHEELER

First of all, here's Shawn Thornton from before the game:

Now lets get to the important stuff.
First, Leafs give the Bruins a power-play. Not enough bacon. Wideman is a beast from the point.


Next Power-Play, Blake Wheeler's got a new number, means he made the team. Time to celebrate. Goal.


Mark Stuart subtly nudges Jason Blake closer to retirement. Maybe he's just saying he wants a trade? Either way, Blake's checked onto the Boston Bench. Sick.

They draw a third penalty with 19:00 gone in the period, Bruins can't get it together in either minute-long PP. Toronto's 3-0-2 when down 2-0. Whether the Bruins will let that fly remains to be seen, but Wheeler's still partying. Toskala shows off his breakdancing skills. Goal.


Jeff Finger dumps Shawn Thornton head over teakettle. Whatever, I don't think Shawn Thornton ever got locked in a bathroom. (Scroll down)

Wheeler's goal stands as the only one in the second, time for the third period.

Steen decides he'll score, gets his own rebound. Tim Thomas is still an all-star. 3-1

The party's still flowing. Chara remembers it's his 700th career game, decides to give himself a present. Goal.

Grabovski moves the puck faster than Tim Thomas can fall, scores with less than 2 left. 4-2. Opens up the idea of the empty netter. (Ron Wilson digs the empty net.) Wheeler hangs out in the neutral zone, kicks the keg. Empty Netter.

Other thoughts:
  • Some big hits in the game.
  • Nokes kills his penalty +/- by drawing a penalty.
  • Bruins were SOLID on the penalty kill, even when the Leafs had the two man advantage.
  • Dunkin Donuts didn't help the leafs much, apparently.
  • Zdeno Chara gets a goal, maybe less bellyaching about his production after this game. At least until Saturday.
  • I saw these fine folks at the game, had to get a picture. My dad had the camera, so I had to be in it. Nice sign, ladies. VOTE THOMAS 09!
If you think I still have that hat you are sorely mistaken.
Record: 7-3-3
Home Record: 3-1-1
L10: 6-2-2