Monday, December 15, 2008

L10: Third ten games (8-2-0)

It's been quite the little trip here.  Phil Kessel is the NHL 1st star of the week, and Puck Daddy has a whole article on him.  The Bruins continue to show that they'll stand up for each other.
  • Game 21: Bruins 2 Habs 2 SO WIN. Roy's number is finally retired by the Habs, the Bruins come in and win right in front of all of those fans. Blake Wheeler gets the only goal in the shootout, and gets a No Habs No letter from Sens Army Blog.
  • Game 22: Bruins 2 BUF 3 Loss.  In the 18 Buffalo-Boston games, the home team has won.  This one was played in Buffalo.  Derek Roy shot one in off a Bruins stick. Despite trying to get it going in the third, they just couldn't put it in.
  • Game 23: Bruins 7 NYI 2 WIN. Black Friday in the new Third Jerseys brought a blowout against the league-basement Islanders.  The 7th goal in this game was super-pretty.
  • Game 24: Bruins 4 DET 1 WIN. Detroit comes to Boston to try to pick up a win.  Luckily, the Bruins aren't scared of the reigning stanley cup champs.  After 12 minutes without a shot, Blake Wheeler buries it behind Osgood on the first shot of the game.  They go on to win.
  • Game 25: Bruins 3 TBL 1 WIN.  Lecavelier-to-Martin St. Louis starts the scoring about a minute in, but Thomas starts taking the game seriously and the Bruins come back to win, 3-1 with an empty netter.
  • Game 26: Bruins 4 FLA 0 WIN. Manny Fernandez pitches a shutout.  The Florida Coach after the game: "We could have been out there for three days and still not scored."
  • Game 27: Bruins 5 TBL 3 WIN. This was the game that the Bruins got up 3-0 in the first 10 minutes, then stopped playing altogether.  P.J. Axelsson's Empty netter made this score look less scary than it was to watch.
  • Game 28: Bruins 1 WAS 3 Loss. Proving that the Bruins can't win them all, Washington continues a home winning streak against the Bruins.  Ovechkin got the empty-netter.  It was a pretty hard-fought game.  I can't wait until Washington comes to Boston.
  • Game 29: Bruins 7 ATL 3 WIN. 14 Players have points in this mega team effort.  4 fights make this quite the game as the first of the home-and-home series.
  • Game 30: Bruins 4 ATL 2 WIN. The Bruins pick up where they left off in Atlanta, and 6'7" Thrashers defenseman Valabik has to answer to Chara after picking on Kessel.  Valabik is star-struck and throws no punches.  How do you fight your idol?  Chara doesn't even knock him down.  Sort of a sad fight, in a way.  That said, back off of Kessel or one of our bruisers will Crush you.  By Bruisers, I mean Lucic, Chara, Thornton, or Savard.  Savard?  Yeah, check his PIMs for the season.
Stats/On-Pace Projections:

Best goal of the last 10 games:
Maybe this one's just fresh in my mind, but Michael Ryder's second goal against atlanta on Saturday was pretty dominant:

It was his 10th of the season.
L10 Record: 8-2-0
Overall record: 21-5-4