Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bruins Daily, Guest Posts, Contest Winner, etc.

I created Bruins Daily, your one-stop source for Bruins Blogs.  I know it's missing some.  Let me know which ones.

Recently I've been doing a couple posts away from here.  Rock!
  • I've been asked to do a couple of guest posts around recently, and I'll be (of course) linking to them when they happen.  Today I'm talking about The Instigators over at Puck The Media.
  • I also recently started posting over at Hockey Prime Time.  And by "started," I mean I've made my inaugural post.  Enjoy.
Another item I should bring up is that my Hockey-Reference naming contest ended on December 1st, and because there was only one entry, the voting isn't happening.  Next time you have a contest on your blog, pimp it mercilessly.  Congrats to Greg Nation for his winning entry, 
Check it out at these pages:
I also happen to own the following pages:
Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who entered.  (Thanks, Greg!)

  • ThePensBlog calls on President Whitmore to unite Pens and Caps fans and keep the Habs out of the starting forwards at the all-star game.  Solid post.  The all-joke game is still a joke.
  • Earlier today Kevin Shultz of Barry Melrose Rocks wrote quite well about how bloggers vs. media shouldn't really be a battle so much as not a battle.
  • An anonymous emailer to Deadspin tells a wonderful, heart-warming story.  Read it.
  • XBox 360 NHL 09 Third Jersey code: xe6377uyrwm48frf  Enjoy!
And that's all, folks.  Watch the Instigators tonight.