Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NO HABS NO, etc.

Peter Raaymakers over at Sens Army Blog has hatched a brilliant plan:  send a dollar in the local currency as well as a hand-written letter to each player that scores a game-winning goal against the Habs this year.  He calls it, cleverly enough, "No Habs No"

I've decided that The Hockey Blog Adventure is going to sponsor the Bruins players that get sent letters.  And what do you know, here's Blake Wheeler.  Solid.

The Senators got off to not-that-great of a start this year, but are now starting Alex Auld regularly and look like they're in the hunt so far.

  • Evan over at Stanley Cup of Chowder is in the running again for Iron Ref on Hugging Harry Reynolds.  Go get 'em.  He's also got some ideas for how to stop Ovechkin.
  • Here Come the Bruins! theorizes that the Tampa Bay locker room implosion and the Dallas one both came immediately after losses to the Bruins, and whether they are related.  I wouldn't put it past Claude.  He's a sneaky one.
  • The KHL's all-star game ballot makes as much sense to your average north american puckhead as Andrei Markov starting the all-joke game.
  • I'll be posting things on OTHER BLOGS soon.  More to come on that tomorrow.
  • Here's your 2 for instigating: