Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, the Bruins got off to quite the start of the game, and didn't let up nearly as badly as they did in the Tampa Bay game. In fact, this game was awesome. Let's remember, shall we?

By the way, there were 4 fights in this game. Here's with the details.

1st Period, 3 minutes in. Jack and Andy are talking about how Colin Stuart and Mark Stuart are brothers and their dad flew in to watch. Colin could sit with him, he's a scratch. Hnidy taps it out of the Bruins corner, Krejci picks it up. He cruises down the right side, with wheeler on the left and Stuart down the middle. They just sort of float there for a minute, like bicycles without riders. Then Krejci sees 3 inches of space. Threads the needle. Stuart one-time/deflects it in.

1-0. You're still getting some beers at the corner store.

About a minute later, the Bruins are working it around the zone. Nokes to Hunwick to Wideman, who sends it around the Thrashers boards. Hunwick picks it up, moves it to Nokes. Nokelainen shoots from the point. Yelle with the alley-oop.

2-0. You're just starting to make yourself some dinner, but that's awesome.

This next one is...something else. Something wonderful. Something that only comes around once in a great while. Off a faceoff, Lucic-Kessel-Stuart-Kessel-Chara. Chara skates it around the back of the net. HOLD UP. CHARA skates it in behind Pavelec. He keeps going, and gets a wraparound goal. "How big are you?" "Really Big."

3-0. Goalie Change. Let's look at the shots he's faced at this point, from the play-by-play:

  1. 16:29 GOAL BOS #45 STUART(2), Wrist, Off. Zone, 14 ft. Assists: #46 KREJCI(17); #73 RYDER(11)
  2. 15:52 GOAL BOS #18 YELLE(4), Wrist, Off. Zone, 61 ft. Assists: #29 NOKELAINEN(1); #48 HUNWICK(8)
  3. 12:16 SHOT BOS ONGOAL - #29 NOKELAINEN, Slap, Off. Zone, 48 ft.
  4. 11:33 BLOCK BOS #81 KESSEL BLOCKED BY ATL #28 HAVELID, Snap, Def. Zone
  5. 11:19 GOAL BOS #33 CHARA(6), Wrap-around, Off. Zone, 10 ft. Assists: #81 KESSEL(10); #17 LUCIC(11)
That's right. 5 shots. And one was blocked. I thought those didn't count as saves by the goalie. And yet, is saying that he made 2 saves. Oh well. Pavelec skated right off the ice into the bruins blog SIN BIN:
SIN BIN: Ondrej Pavelec (one save on four first-period shots). "It was one of those games where I wouldn't have stopped a beachball," said Pavelec, who came back in for 17:28 of playing time in the third period. "If I want to play in the NHL, I have to be better than that."
You can do it, Ondrej. I believe in you. Just not tonight (and if you don't mind starting tomorrow, that would be great. Thanks.)

With Hedberg in, it must mean the party's over, right? Andy Brickley is obviously worried about it. Colby Armstrong's in-game mic gets called for hooking, he goes to the bench. Right off the faceoff, Savard to Bergeron. Bergeron gives it to Ryder. Ryder listens to Andy Brickley say "those guys need to be better players and more consistant." Ryder dings it of the post. "Bar and in," as they say. Seriously, watch this one with Audio.

4-0. Ryder just scored his 4th GWG.

Just so they're not totally embarassed, Kovalchuk gets it to the net for a Todd White tip-in before the end of the first.

The only thing that happened in the second period was Joseph Crabb boarding Phil Kessel at 17:40 into the period. He got a 5 minute major and a game misconduct. The Bruins don't manage to do anything on the first half of the powerplay, but then the third period starts.

Phil Kessel was really slow to shake off the hit, but he had time to rest. Hunwick-Wideman-Kobasew-Kessel-Net. Solid goal by a solid player, that.

5-1. 1:25 to go on the PP. Nothing happens.

Ilya Kovalchuk scores a couple minutes later.

Lucic and Kessel end up on a fast break. They skate down. Lucic tries to center to Kessel. Lucic-Atlanta D-Man-Net. GOAL.


Then Blake Wheeler forechecks like crazy, ends up getting the puck to Krejci. Krejci gives it to Mark Stuart at the top of the slot (I think).

7-2. Mark Stuart with the bookend goals. Can his dad come to every game?

Kozlov ends the scoring with 7 minutes to go.



Record: 20-5-4
L10: 8-2-0
Streak: W1
Away: 10-4-3
December: 4-1-0