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Game 37 Preview: Bruins @ Pittsburgh HOME AND NEW YEAR'S EVE AND HOME

Dec 30, 2008 7:30 PM ET
Radio: WBZ
@ Pittsburgh Penguins (19-13-4)
  • There's a story in the Pittsburgh Gazette about Ryan Whitney watching the Bruins while he's been hurt.
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder is in the HHR Iron Ref Finals. Go vote for Evan!
  • Also vote for Jack Edwards in the ongoing Puck the Media Tournament of Announcers.
  • Michael Ryder has 7 GWG, leading the league. That's half of his goals so far this year. It's also half of his goals for all of last year. Can he play for anyone other than Claude? We may never know.
  • Hal Gill has been out for the Pens, he'll be back tonight.  With 7 defensemen, rookie sensation Goligoski is expected to Brent Burns a little.
  • The Penguins are in a bit of a slump right now. I expect them to try to use the Bruins as a bounce-back springboard.
  • The Pens, Wild, Flames, and Rangers all have winning records against the Bruins so far.  The Bruins play all but the flames at home in January.
  • The Bruins had a hard practice yesterday, because they haven't been playing that well but still luckily are still beating the weaker teams they've been playing recently.
  • Thomas in net.  Lashoff a likely scratch.  Chara-Ward is backed up by Wideman-Hunwick.  I like the Bruins defense.  
  • Ference is skating again, patrice is still getting headaches, but isn't on the IR just yet.
  • The NYTimes Slap Shot blog has 2009 all figured out.
Previous Games:
Game 5: Bruins lose 1-1 to Pens in shootout in Home Opener.

5 Questions with the enemy:
This Preview, we have the PensBlog Staff, from The Pens Blog. I like their style, and they are always an entertaining read. Heck, they even had jerseys printed up. If not for them, this blog would have less style. Let's see what they have to say:

1) Who has impressed you so far?
Malkin, Malkin, Malkin, Malkin

2) Will the Penguins play in another outdoor game?
As much as we want to say yes, it won' be for awhile. Other fans should get to enjoy their teams.

3) Favorite false rumor about the Pens?
Gaborik to the Pens. Ain't happening.

4) What's your favorite PensBlog photoshop of all time?
Oh god, so many to pick from. Almost impossible.

5) Predictions for the home-and-home series?
The Bruins are the beast of the east. Should be a great barometer for the Pens. We think the Bruins success has been inflated, but that is not saying they aren't a great team. Huge test.

Once again, that's the fine staff at The Pens Blog. Check them out if you haven't before!

Other Previews:
  • ThePensBlog: Hasn't done their gameday post yet.  Unless the one from 2am last night is it, but I doubt it.
  • Double A Hockey:  "If only Patrice were not out with a concussion. His good looks rival even Crosby's and could tip things in the Bruins favor."
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Bobby Orr fight video.
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder: Should be focusing on how to spend his (presumed) Iron Ref winnings, but instead gives us a solid preview.
  • The Bear Cave: "One difference between October and now is that Marc-Andre Fleury might be in line for his first start against the Bruins since the 2006-07 season."
  • NESN First Shift: "Tim Thomas (11-2-1, 2.09) vs. Marc-Andre Fleury (11-6-2, 2.86)"
  • boston.com Thumbnails
  • bruins.nhl.com: Preview | GameDay | Game Notes (pdf)
8-game winning streak on the line. Krejci has scored in every game.

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