Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, crap. Over the last bunch of games, the bruins have been going win 5, lose 1, win 4, lose 1, win 5, lose 1. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed, but sometimes a goalie just absolutely steals a game. Also, they have Ovechkin and Semin and lead their division for a reason. Maybe it's because Beudreaueau is the longest-tenured coach in the Southeast. It's not the most surprising thing in the world, is what I'm saying.

Coach Claude: "They're going to say it was their goaltender made some big saves and I'm going to say we had some missed opportunities."

I mean it. Brent Johnson was the #1 reason that the caps won that game. I mean, come on. What a stick save on Wheeler. Of course the official clip is from the exact wrong game, but Wheeler's trying to get under Johnson's stick. Johnson gives him a nice tour of his house.

That's the story of the whole game. The Caps are insane at home. January 17th is the other game @Caps. Look forward to it.

Anyhow, here's the recap:

First period, we get a power play. Then we take a penalty. After 20 seconds of 4-on-4, they're on the PP. Ovechkin gets it at the point, of course he shoots. Backstrom deflects it in.

Second Period, the Caps make a mockery of our D. Nylander gets it in the zone, they move it around about a million times. Poti passes it off Manny's pads, Giroux jams it home.
0-2. You're thinking it would be real nice for the Bruins to score one here.

This is where the Johnson on Wheeler save happens:

Wow, what a save.

Luckily, they're thinking the same thing. 40 seconds to go in the second. Caps get it out of the offensive zone, Chara scoops it up and sends it around the end boards. Ryder gets out to not be offsides, Kessel goes in and takes the puck away from a redshirt. Lucic sees it, they both skate toward the net. Brent Johnson can't save EVERY shot.

1-2. Ok, sweet. Now just get another one.

Third period: Or don't get another one, I guess.
Manny is pulled, and Ovechkin gets the puck at center ice. He skates around Lashoff, and does the Ovie-Time thing.


Let's check in with some post-game:

Record: 19-5-4
L10: 8-2-0
Streak: L1
December: 3-1-0