Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Instigators, etc.

I'll be out of town for this, but just watch the non-hockey-player try to look tough in this ad for "The Instigators" on NESN.

There's also a clip in there of "Two for Instigating," where Jack and Andy talk about a few things, including the All-Joke game. Embedding from NESN is less than perfect, so go find it through that link up top unless I manage to coax it into working.

Looks like it could be promising. I know our friends at Puck the Media will love to hear about this. Mike Milbury and Jack Edwards, together on a talking-heads sports show? Makes me chuckle.

Oh, and Jack Edwards is holding a Live Chat today at Noon. Solid.

In other news, the Debacle in Dallas is chugging along nicely. Up so far:

  • Marty Turco is playing for a starting job in the ECHL
  • Brendan Morrow had a TON of penalties before getting injured and will be out for the season
  • Steve Ott is out with a Broken Hand
  • Oh, and this little-known player named Sean Avery is suspended by the league for, well, this:

Classy Guy.

  • Sturm will be a game day decision for Thursday's game.
  • Chara will likely play with one of the call-ups in thursday's game, preserving the 2nd and 3rd D-line. Hopefully this means that Ward will be back soon.
  • I've added Double A Hockey to the sidebar to your left. It's a just-started bruins hockey blog. Welcome to the blogging party, y'all!