Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, folks....  Another game I couldn't watch.  Doesn't mean I can't write about it.  First, let's get a quote from the Panthers' coach, complements of THN:

"We could have been out there for three days and still not scored."
- Peter DeBoer
Ouch.  Then again, their 4 top scorers were hurt, so that's certainly something.  Bouwmeester was certainly playing, though.

Let's get the recap-o-tron started.  Flip on some GNR, sit back, and enjoy that the last player to score against the Bruins was Martin St. Louis 2 minutes into the last game.

It's the first period.  This play started behind Manny.  It gets cleared, he leaves it for Lashoff.  Lashoff gives it to Chara, who puts it on Krejci's stick on the center ice faceoff dot.  He moves it across to Ryder while they cross the blue line.  Ryder gets tied up by Campbell.  Ryder orders the soup.  GOAL.

1-0.  Ryder scores another one.  Solid 1st Period.

Bouwmeester takes a hooking penalty in the second.  On the powerplay, Kessel gives it to Wideman on the blue line.  Wideman gives it back to Kessel.  Kessel has the puck on the powerplay.  How'd this one go again?  Oh yeah...GOAL.

2-0. Kessel's point-streak is 11 games.

Early in the third, Ryder brings it into the zone, passes it back to Mark Stuart, who moves it back forward.  Ryder moves it over to Krejci, who's getting behind anderson.  Puts it out to Wheeler on the side, who moves it back to Hnidy.  Krejci screens Anderson and Hnidy slaps it from the blue line.  GOAL.

3-0. Hnidy scores his first of the season.

Then Bergeron runs over Craig Anderson, they try to make out but Anderson's mask is in the way.  Bergeron gets up first, but they both manage to skate off the ice.  Thomas Vokoun gets in net for Anderson, who spends the rest of the game dreaming of ice girls.

Then there's a defensive zone faceoff.  Florida gets it, but Kobasew and Wheeler manage to scare 3 panthers back into their own zone, and Kobasew cuts off the outlet pass.  Kobasew skates up to the dot, puts it across to Wheeler.  Wheeler one-times it in. GOAL.
Anderson skates out to the right when he gets scored on, Vokoun just stood up and shook it off.  He didn't let another one in all day.

Here are the saves of the game, according to
What a goaltending tandem.



Record: 18-4-4
Away: 9-3-3
L10: 8-1-1
Streak: W4

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