Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Month Ahead: December

Looks like Ward is out for a week, and then day-to-day.  He's not traveling with the team this weekend, and completely unsubstantiated rumors say he'll be out until January.  Andrew Ference already is out until January, and the Bruins put him on Long-Term Injured Reserve (which doesn't actually mean anything about his status, it just means he doesn't count against the cap until he comes back)

The Bruins have called up Nick Boychuk and Matt Lashoff to fill the holes.  Let's look at what these intrepid Pruins have to look forward to, assuming they stick around all month:

3 against Atlanta
2 games against Tampa Bay, Carolina
1 against Florida, Washington, Toronto, St. Louis, Pittsburgh

The Washington and Pittsburgh games stand out as the toughest, but if the Bruins don't keep playing like they've been playing - out of their minds - we could drop a game to one of the non-Washington southern teams.

Only four of those games are at home, as well.  The Bruins were (everybody now) 8-0 at home last month, and are 9-1-1 overall at home.  Away, they're 7-3-3, which is still not bad until you realize that without the charity point they're 7-6.  The Bruins keep mentioning they get a lift from the hometown crowd, but they're back to the October grind of a whole bunch of away games.  However, this time it isn't against the whole Northwest division.

Starting January 1st, though, they're playing 6 at home in a row.  Not that I'm looking too far ahead or anything.

Other things:
  • Some hack in Montreal is posing the question:  Are the Habs a religion?
  • The Bruins will be at the Target in Woburn today 1pm-3pm to buy toys for kids in hospitals.  This would be as good a time as any to bring up my favorite toys-for-sick-kids charity, Child's Play.  Click on that link, then pick a hospital - any hospital - and send sick kids some toys.  Or send them money.  The guys who set it up use funds from their company (http://penny-arcade.com/) to run the charity, so nearly %100 goes to buying toys for hospitals.