Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, that was a heck of a game.  Let's see, Sturm was in the lineup to start the game.  On that first shift, they- GOAL!

1-0.  You're checking the time.  Oh, it's 36 seconds in.  Marco Sturm's first shift back.  And he scored.  Huge.

Then a couple minutes later, Krejci passes it up to the point, it's kept in.  Over to Lucic.  Lucic sends it right down the middle onto Krejci's stick, Krejci embarasses Vesa Toskala.  GOAL!

2-0.  You're wondering just what kind of world this is, with all this early scoring.

So is Ron Wilson.  He pulls Vesa "I let in a goal from the other goal line" Toskala in favor of the 41-year-old CuJo.  You've gotta change your taunting chant.

Kubina comes in and scores one, to get the end of period score to

The second period starts, and the Bruins get on the powerplay.
Chara gets it at the point, Slaps it in.  Savard tips it up and in.

3-1.  Your legs are getting tired from all of this standing and cheering.

Then Wheeler picks it up at the faceoff circle in his own zone, and skates it up into the offensive zone.  He goes left, then gives it to a streaking David Krejci.  Krejci skates all the way in, then goes around CuJo and puts it in.  It's not even really a shot.  He just skates it all the way to the goal line.

4-1.  You're thinking that Krejci's got two now...interesting.

Kessel picks it up in the offensive zone, gives it to savard for safekeeping through the neutral zone.  Kessel gets it back from Savard, and rockets one in from the top of the circle.

5-1.  If you picked the over, you're happy right now.

Then with 12 minutes to go in the second, Thomas lets in 3 Toronto Goals in a row. In less than 10 minutes, it's

But the second period isn't over yet. 
Savard gets it behind the night, he gives it to Kessel.  Kessel fakes, then wrists one home.

6-4.  You're wondering if the Bruins will score again with 2 minutes left, and whether they're going to have to put Toskala in.  Thomas has let a few in, but at least the Bruins are winning the perio-  awwwwww.
Toronto goes on the powerplay, Jason Blake sits at the corner with the puck.  Mark Stuart stares at him for a few seconds, then he rips one high short side.

The second period ends.  When the third begins, both goalies have been switched out and we're seeing the battle of the 35s - Manny vs. Toskala.  Manny makes a bunch of solid saves.  Toskala has a solid first 10 minutes of the period.

Then Chara picks it up in the Bruins corner.  He passes across the zone to Ryder.  Ryder skates it in.  There are three defenders around him and he has Axelsson out to the right.  So of course he skates it to the goal and wrists one behind Toskala.  GOAL!

7-5.  This is starting to get a little ridiculous, but the Bruins are only up by two.  You're telling yourself "Toronto could come back..."

5 minutes later, The Bruins go back on the powerplay.  Oh wait, that's a 1:30 5-on-3.  Wideman passes from the left point to the right corner, Savard gets it.  Savard wails on it, sending it right in front of Toskala.  Krejci holds his stick down, it bounces in (Ok, there was a little shot-motion in there, too, but you get the idea)

8-5.  The Bruins manage to keep things under wraps for the last 4+ minutes.



Record: 22-5-4 (W3)
Home Record: 12-1-1 (W12)
Kessel Scoring Streak: 16 games.
L10: 8-2-0
vs. TOR: 3-1-0
December: 6-1-0