Friday, December 12, 2008

Game 29 Preview: Bruins @ Atlanta CHICK-FIL-A FAMILY NIGHT

Nov 12, 2008 7:30 PM ET
Radio: WBZ
@ Atlanta Thrashers (9-14-4)
  • The Thrashers have played us once so far this season, in the Garden. Lucic got a hat trick. Recap is here. Bruins won 5-4.
  • Thomas in net.  Ward might be back.  Sturm is still out.
  • The Thrashers haven't lost when leading after two.
  • The headline doesn't lie. For 89$, you get 4 tickets and 4 "meal vouchers."
  • According to the interactive line diagram, Kovalchuk is a 2nd-line winger. Axelsson plays there on the Bruins.
  • Savard was a free-agent pickup from the Thrashers. He used to dish passes to Kovalchuk. Now he dishes to Kessel.
  • Look what I did! 
  • nhLOL has an interesting question.
  • Tampa Bay beat Montreal last night.
  • Today is the 75th anniversary of the end of Ace Bailey's career.  Eddie Shore doesn't like to talk about it.  One more elite defenseman in the Bruins past.
Guest Posts:
5 Questions with the Enemy:
Today's victim is Maali, from Fire Wagon Hockey. Fire Wagon Hockey is one of many Thrashers blogs, and she is the one who created Thrashers Times, the inspiration for Bruins Daily. Anyhow, let's get down and dirty with the questions:

1) Who has impressed you so far?
Timmy Thomas
2) Third Jerseys?
i'm not a huge fan. the thrashers one is terrible, i don't like the canes' either, and while detroit's is kinda really cool, fuck detroit. :) i also don't understand why only SOME teams have 3rd jerseys? i mean by that reasoning, shouldn't only SOME teams go to a shootout? extreme example, but i'm nothing if not overly dramatic. that said, i think the sens one is classy, i dig the bruins' one WAY more than the ol' pooh bear from a few years back, and the sabres' old school one is hardcore. the rest just suck.
3) I see you were a Brent Burns fan back in 2007. Me too. What other players around the league do you like?
This is a long ass answer. Currently, and we're assuming all players are healthy and playing their best (with the right backup/support); Kari Lehtonen, Marc Savard, Marty Biron, Jason Smith, Anton Volchenkov (seriously, do the Sens have two of the greatest d-men in the game right now or what?!), Alex Semin, Robbie Schremp, Sergei Kostitsyn, Eric Perrin, Dom Moore. I'm sure I forgot someone but that's my list off the top of my head.
4) What's your least-favorite team?
Florida Panthers and Detroit Red Wings are in a pretty hard-fought tie.
5) What are your predictions for the home-and-home?
Atlanta's going to get their asses handed to them in Boston AND in Atlanta. That's my prediction. :) I know how this team rolls. It ain't like they're playing the Isles or Tampa. Boston is serious business. And despite Lash having a shitty game the other night, they've actually got D. And O. And the Thrash have basically 2 competent d-men. I should point out at this point that I'm as much a Bruins fan as I am Thrashers. I'm actually MORE of a fan of the B's as an organization, but a fan of Kari Lehtonen for years so I follow his team. You dig? :)

There you have it, folks. Again, that's Maali from Fire Wagon Hockey. Check her out!

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Tiffany said...

Thanks for posting the interview, but I'm a lady! And also I didn't come up with the Thrashers Times thing. I'm not entirely sure who did, but the original inventor of the idea of a blog aggregate was Japer's Rink. :)

Unknown said...

Well, crap. You'll have to forgive me, I'm a stupid american. Edited. I know you didn't come up with the aggregate, but I saw yours before I saw the Washington one. It's a good idea, either way.