Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Game 37 Recap: BRUINS 5 PENS 2 NINE IN A ROW


Nine in a row.  The Pens are not an easy team to beat.  Let's take a look at what happened:

First Period:

Chara mangled Malkin.  No Call.  Odd, but I'll take it.  There should be video on Youtube, but I haven't found it.

Then 17 minutes into the 1st, the Pens finally get a good scoring chance by bouncing it twice off Timmy's pads and then scoring it back door.  Quite the trick. 
0-1.  You're reassuring yourself that the bruins have been at least playing well and it's early.

Second Period:
Powerplay.  Axelsson on the #1 PP.  While all of the whiners out there are saying "What's he doing on the PP?????? OH NO NOT AXELSSON"  Per-Johan threads the puck through the whole Pens PK unit to Chara, who deflects it behind fleury from next to the net.

1-1.  You're marvelling at how Chara's been getting away with pinching up on defense.

Then there's a 4 on 4 as Talbot gets Kessel into a shoving match.  Then Malkin takes a penalty.  What's this?  Oh, it's just Savard and Krejci on the same line in the 4-on-3.  You don't really need me to tell you that there was a beautiful pass through 18 players that set up the perfect goal.

2-1.  You're hoping that's the default 4-on-3 unit.  Also, listen closely to the audio after the goal.  Hehehe

Then Pascal "Milt Shmidt in The Rocket" Dupuis ties it up on an unforced turnover.
2-2.  Oh crap they tied it up.  The Bruins are not out of the woods yet.

But they don't want another 75-minute hard practice in their immediate future.  They also don't want to lose.

A minute and a half later, Savard and Kessel are in the zone.  Kessel shoots, but Fleury lets it bounce off.  Savard wills it onto Kessel's stick.  Kessel sees net.  Kessel scores.

3-2.  Kessel scores again.

Third Period:

A little over 5 minutes in, Pens go on the powerplay.  Martin "Justin" St. Pierre picks up a Crosby pass in the defensive zone.  He passes it up to Savard, who then gets it into the zone.  The Bruins have a 3-on-1 rush, short-handed.  Savard gives it to Martin "Justin" St. Pierre.  St. Pierre shows us what 63 inches of carbon hockey stick can do.

4-2.  First Bruins goal by Martin "Justin" St. Pierre.  Way to go, announcer-man.

Wideman cleans up with a slap shot from the point.

5-2.  10 minutes to go, you've seen less likely comebacks happen.

10 minutes I could've been playing more Rock Band.



  • The Penguins called a players-only meeting after this game.  It seems like stuff like that always happens after a team plays the Bruins.
  • The Bruins are 11-2-0 in November, 12-1-0 in December for 23-3-0 in the last 2 months, or 26 games.
  • The 5 game road trip nets the Bruins 10 points, all in regulation.
  • The Bruins lead the league in Goals for per Game and Goal against per game.  This makes me chuckle.
  • Seriously?  JUSTIN St. Pierre?  I don't care if his name is Les Glorieux du Montreal St. Pierre, if he's scoring short-handers for the Bruins.
Record: (W9)
Away: 15-4-3 (W6)
December: 12-1-0
L10: 9-1-0


TravBot said...

St. Pierre's stick is 63 of my favorite inches...

TravBot said...

Note also that St. Pierre himself is only 69 inches tall. Chara, at 81 inches tall only gets a 65 inch stick, and needed permission from the NHL to do so...

Unknown said...

That's absolute measurement limits for you. See also: hockey pants for goalies and skaters.