Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Howdy, folks. Not a bad game last night, except for one thing:

If the bruins have the choice of playing the first 10 minutes and not the rest of the game or not the first 10 minutes and then the rest of the game, I think I'd favor the latter (see: Game vs. Detroit).

Whatever, a win is a win. Let's get recapping.

First Period. This one made me smile.

The lightning like to take penalties. The Bruins had the 4th best PP in the league going into this game. Here's why. Hunwick keeps it in at the blue line, gives it to kessel. Kessel gives it over to wideman, who's pinching in. Wideman puts a bow on it for Lucic. Lucic whole field of vision is net. GOAL.

1-0. I'll take it!

The next thing to happen that matters is all Kessel. Kessel kessels the kessel all the kessel kessel kessel kessel. Seriously, though. Skates it from the Bruins zone all the way in, tries to get that Lucic-on-the-doorstep assist. Paul Ranger has other ideas, deflects it behind Mike Smith. GOAL.

2-0. You're thinking Mike Smith is either going to get pulled or prove himself.

Ryder comes down, they pass it around a bunch. Ryder gets it back at the dot. What confidence. Just puts it exactly where it needs to go - the back of the net.


Tampa Bay calls a time out. You ask what the over/under is on seeing Olie the Goalie play. Smith skates over to the bench, but no dice. Uh oh. It might be statement time for him, and he does manage to stop the rest of the pucks in the period. Shots in 1st: 10-4

Artyuuukndin gives it to hall, everybody runs over Thomas. Goal by Tampa.
3-1. People are booing.

Luckily, Tampa Bay gives up a 5-on-3 at the end of the second. Bruins move it around, Chara to Krejci. Back up to Chara, one-timer. The puck moves faster than light. GOAL.

4-1. You're thinking the last goal's gonna have EN written all over it. Why are you worried about Tampa Bay? You're not sure, but you'd bet on it. HAR HAR TOCCHET

Lecavelier and St. Louis come in and do their thing. St. Louis and Lecavelier scored 2 of the last 3 goals against Boston.
4-2. See above.

Mike Smith is pulled, chipchurra jams it in on Thomas with 18 seconds left.
4-3. 18 seconds left.

Mike Smith skates to the bench while the puck is in his zone. Uh oh, he forgot Patrice is a forechecker. Patrice gets it, gives it to P.J. at the point. GOAL.

5-3. The guy next to you mentions that when we first got Axelsson in 300 B.C., he hated him. Nobody hates him now.


Record: 19-4-4
Streak: W5
Home: 10-1-1
L10: 9-1-0