Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, that was one of those wins where you just sit back and say, wow, we're lucky we won that one. Of course the far larger news is of Patrice Bergeron going down after a hit to the head (he initiated contact, it's not like Randy Jones boarding some guy). Coach Claude said he was "dazed" and Fluto expects news at around 3pm, when the team skates before tonight's game in St. Louis (WOOOO Super-posting day!). Also, Sturm is back on LTIR and Martin St. Pierre got called up.

With all that in mind, let's recap, shall we?

The Bruins give the Hurricanes a powerplay 5 minutes in and plenty of room to play it in. Hurricanes work it all the way around the zone, until the finally stuff one in on Manny.
0-1. You're worried that the home win streak might be broken. (It's gotta happen sometime, but to the Canes? Really?)

The whole rest of the first period, not much happens.

The second also is scoreless for the first 5 minutes or so. Then the bruins get it in their own zone, which of course means there's a legitimate scoring chance in play. Lucic passes up to Kessel. Kessel gets stuck on the sideboards, gives it back to Lucic. Lucic tips the pass, leaves it in open space. Which is where Marc Savard picks it up, makes Ward go down early, and buries it. GOAL.

1-1. You're thinking "Finally! Now just score like 8 more, please."

The rest of the second plays out. I'm pretty sure that's where Bergeron goes out. Please let him be ok. Please.

Third Period.
Bruins pick it up a dump in the neutral zone. Sobotka gets it over Thornton's stick to Krejci, who slips it in behind Cam Ward.

2-1. You're happy with the lead, but you know that there's definitely at least 16 minutes of the end of the game left.

After 8 minutes, there's an offensive zone faceoff. Nokelainen doesn't quite get it, but it gets behind the Carolina net. Thornton picks it up, and puts it in.

3-1. 8 minutes to go, you get the feeling the Canes will bury one, but pulling their goalie won't help. (really, I did. I swear)

As expected, 3 minutes later, they put a lot of people in front of the net and the Bruins can't stop it.
3-2. 4:36 to go. Let's not mess it up.

Nothing much happens on the PK, then there's a faceoff in the Bruins zone. Empty Net

4-2. Game.


Please be ok, Patrice.

Record: 23-5-4 (W4)
Home: 13-1-1 (W13)
Kessel Streak: 17
L10: 9-1-0
December: 7-1-0