Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Tonight we find out who it is.

Who has fought hard enough to make it to the second round.
Who battled through the Capitals, Devils, or Flyers for the chance to get on a plane to Boston and try to shut us all up.

Whoever it is, we'll be ready.

Is Lundqvist still mortal? Does he break more under taunts of "henrik" or "lundqvist"?
Is Cam Ward gunning for his second Conn Smythe?
Are we going to be blessed with the Crosby and Malkin show? And how do you get 17,000 folks to chant "Marc-Andre"? Whatever.

There are so many questions. At least one will be answered by the time the last set of first-round playoff handshakes tonight.

So get yourself in front of some Versus and get ready for some game seven playoff hockey.

The field is already set out west.
Red Wings vs. Ducks
Canucks vs. Blackhawks

Should be some good matchups.

STAY HUNGRY UPDATE: Got an update from Joe Haggerty of WEEI on the Stay Hungry stuff: Apparently the idea was all Marco Sturm and Julien didn't come up with any of it.


Sheriff25 said...

How about:

Unknown said...

If we get the penguins we should all remember how well "crosby sucks" worked for the Flyers.

And then goad him into another fight.

Sheriff25 said...

Teddy Fucking Donato could take Crosby apart, one purse swing at a time. I was pretty sure that someone had slipped some meth into his Red Bull when he took on Ference last year.
Like I did with Mario Lemieux, I respect Crosby for his skill...but I can't stand the guy.