Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BRUINS vs. HURRICANES; Hockey vs. Basketball

Friday, May 1 at Boston
Sunday, May 3 at Boston
Wednesday, May 6 at Carolina
Friday, May 8 at Carolina
*Sunday, May 10 at Boston
*Tuesday, May 12 at Carolina
*Thursday, May 14 at Boston
*if necessary

And here's what happens when you try to tell me Celtics OT was better than Carolina vs. New Jersey:

what happened in celtics?
11:16 PM [Redacted]: tied, five minutes overtime, score for Chicago, free throws, score for Boston, free throws, score for Boston last three seconds
me: see...
free throws
I mean, yeah
it's tense
[Redacted]: yeah, they hurt my soul
me: but it's basically the same as a shootout
[Redacted]: true
me: penalty shot, really
only they happen all the time
11:17 PM instead of being memorable events
they are part of the staccato flow of the game
much like, say, baseball
or football
or any other sport with less flow
11:19 PM me: so then you have sports with less scoring and more flow
like soccer
and hockey
and lacrosse, I think (but I don't know lacrosse very well)
[Redacted]: hmm
me: and one of the very best goalies OF ALL TIME
[Redacted]: aka who?
me: trying to hold down the fort on a one goal lead
martin brodeur
11:20 PM you my remember him from making a new record for most wins ever by a goalie earlier this year
so anyhow
he's in net
and the hurricanes are down 3/2
and there's 1:30 left in the game
11:21 PM I've just watched this very scenario play out 3 times in the last 2 days with lesser goalies
and none of them have resulted in one goal
much less two
usually when they score like that they force OT
but no
not this time
11:22 PM the kids from carolina want to get to the next round ASAP
[Redacted]: hmm
me: so not only do they tie it with 1:20 to go
11:23 PM on just a pretty pass play through the zone
not to mention the heroic efforts to keep it from going offsides
literally diving then diving again from his knees to keep it
[Redacted]: intense
me: the canes pass it through all of the defenders and put it behind Marty "I've won 3 cups" brodeur
11:24 PM you bet it's intense
so with 1:20 to go
everyone expects overtime
people might even be getting up to get beer/bathroom/etc
I think some of the devils had done that
11:25 PM but Ray Whitney and Eric Staal, easily the two best forwards in the series, have other ideas
they just put it in
sometimes a team needs that
11:26 PM and all of a sudden, the 2009 hurricanes are thinking they're much more like the 2006 cup-winners
the whole arena goes silent
"like a funeral"
is the quote
11:27 PM ridiculous
so tell me about the celtics again?