Tuesday, April 21, 2009


First of all, check this out:Joe Thornton has worse stats in 40-something minutes of ice time than Shawn Thornton does through 31. Awesome.

Almost as awesome as this game. Let's get to it, I've got things to do besides update this blog.

There sounds like there's some booing during the national anthem. Stay classy, Montreal.

Once the game begins, the Habs come out flying. Flying so high that their wings get burned, in the form of a penalty. Bruins powerplay looks great, doesn't finish. Habs are still energetic. They come off the powerplay and the Habs are still flying around like crazy. After about 11 minutes of that,

Chris Higgins.
0-1. OH SHI-

It's a pretty big goal and it looks like it might hold for the rest of the period until Komisarek decides to pass it to Wideman on the blueline. Wideman shoots it in, and Kessel tips it past CAAAAAAAARRREEEEEEEEEY.

1-1. Oh that feels so much better than the last playoff game in Montreal.

Second Period.

At three minutes into the second period, Byron Bitz is forechecking like crazy. Shawn Thornton skates into the slot, and wrists the puck right past CAAAAAAAARRREEEEEEEEY.
2-1. Shawn Thornton has more goals than Joe Thornton. Byron Bitz gets his first NHL playoff point in his first playoff game. Yelle with the second assist. What a line.

About 2 minutes later, off a faceoff.
2-2. Aw crap they tied it up.

3 minutes later about 8 guys get roughing penalties and there is some scrumming happening.

Whatever. The Bruins are here to win a hockey game.

Marc Savard makes a beautiful shot short side that bounces off the inside of the post, hits Carey Price in the back, hits the same post AGAIN, and bounces out. Price got lucky.

Luckily, Michael Ryder has an unreal shot. He shoots one in, in bounces back to Stuart at the point who puts it on net, then up to Wideman who does the same. Ryder gets it and has more than a 1x3 inch hole to put it in.
3-2. Please don't let the Habs score again, a Ryder game winner on Montreal ice is just too delicious for words.

Your tears sustain me.

Besides an immediate crap penalty on Recchi and immediate penalty kill, we're off to the

Third Period.
I don't know what kind of awesome sauce is going on here, but it's delicious. The Bruins are playing well, the Habs are not really doing that. Boston only got 7 shots on goal in the third, but Montreal, at the brink of defeat, only had 5.

Price is pulled.

H/T to Puck Daddy for getting this clip on Youtube before anyone else:

We love you, Jack.

Sox won 12-1, Ray Allen beat the buzzer and the bulls with a 3, and the bruins, well, they...





Amanda said...

Haha - I heard Jack say that and turned to my friend as if to say "Did he REALLY just compare the Bruins win to the Paul Revere ride on Lexington Green?" Classic

Sheriff25 said...

Hey CH, come on over to the Big Bad Bruins and check out the quotes on the right. Fucking priceless.

Tom said...

Best play of the series so far: Kobasew blowing past Koivu for the empty-netter. That sums up the past 12 months between these teams.