Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Playoffs are coming: BRUINS (1) vs. HABS (8) A LITTLE LOOK BACK FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE

Just about any hour of the day where there isn't a red sox game or a charlie moore outdoors episode, NESN will probably be replaying Game 6 of last year. I was there. It was amazing. Watch it. I guess living in the past is nice once in a while.

But it's 2009 now.
Playoffs start anew in 2 days.
It's time to stop watching ancient game footage (or I'd be putting this Neely goal from 1990 or the 1991 Game 7 in - check out the snipe by Neely at 1:50 if you want).
Neely, Bourque, Roy, Lafleur, Orr, Esposito had their turns.
They are what has gone before.
It is Lucic, Chara, Savard, Thomas, Krejci, Kessel's turn.
Here's this year against the Habs, prepared for the game last Thursday: