Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Lazy Links: BASE...BALL?

It's the last week of the regular season. By Sunday night, we'll know who's in and who's out. Less than 168 hours. Playoffs are coming. If you're not psyched up for that, you don't like hockey. I question if you're even alive. Bruins clinched 1st in the east, and can still get the President's Trophy. Exciting stuff. Now it's watching the east race to see who we're playing in the first round. Who we will be heckling a week and a half from now. Which goalie's name we'll be chanting from the balcony. Which instigators' villainy we'll be yelling and gnashing our teeth at. Which scorers we'll secretly watch in amazement while hoping Chara knocks them onto a golf course. Who we'll want Thornton to destroy while telling our moms that we're not big hockey fight fans. Where the red lights followed by boos will be the sweetest sound.

I hope it's Sunrise, Florida, home of the Panthers.

Holy shit I'm so excited.

Bruins haven't won a playoff series yet this millennium.
The second season is coming.
Get ready.

Before all that, there's still a week of games coming up. Let's see what's going on on the internet.
  • SENSHobo is hanging up the skates for 2 weeks and letting the rest of the season play out.
  • Mirtle delivered some bad news about Thomas's contract: it will count against the cap.
  • The Blue Jackets could back into their first playoff spot ever if they continue their streak and lose 5 in a row in overtime.
  • Leafs fans figure out ways to measure success so they come out on top.
  • Everyone who took the day off work to go to opening day got kinda screwed by the rain.  I don't like it, but since I didn't take the day off I don't feel all that bad about it.
  • Eric McErlain tells us how to root for the Panthers.
  • Crunk and Hockey, together again.
  • Puck the Media interviewed Jack Edwards.  Good stuff.  Part 2 is tomorrow at 10am in the same place.
That's all, folks. Tonight there are a couple games. Go Ottawa, Buffalo, LA tonight! Most importantly,