Friday, April 10, 2009


Holy shit what a game that was. There were a ton of Habs fans in the building. Actually, if you piled them all up I bet it would be more than a ton. Looking around during the anthems, there was a whole lotta red. Rene Rancourt sang, and we're ready to play.

So are the Habs. It was a knock-down, drag-out kind of game. Here's the penalty summary:
Yup, it was just that kind of game. Lots of roughing, a little fighting, and such. I'm still trying to get my voice back.

I don't know if I can write the writeup that's worthy of this game. Shit. Ok, let's give it a shot.

First Period.
The first period has a lot of corner-to-corner hockey - battles, penalties,neither team really having the upper hand or scoring much. Lucic and Komisarek hug it out, get roughing minors.

With about 2 minutes to go, the Bruins tic-tac-toe it to the front of the net and Patrice shovels it in.
1-0. Some asshole named "Gorges" or whatever decides to shove him into the goal afterwards. A whole lot of pushing and shoving goes on. Doesn't change the score one bit.

At the end of the period all that shit starts again. It's exciting, but the best part is it keeps people in their seats so you can get to an earlier spot in the bathroom line.

Second Period.
Of course, with the Habs on a powerplay, Kovalev decides to show up to a game.
1-1. Half the stadium cheers. What a bunch of jerks.

A couple minutes later, Phil "American Hero" Kessel puts one behind Price. If I remember correctly, it was a pretty sweep snipe top shelf. Check yourself below:
2-1. And that's how you come back quick.

About 30 seconds later Ryan O'Byrne takes time off from scoring own-goals and stealing purses to pull a sean avery and hit Shawn Thornton in the head with his stick blade. Of course that leads to all kinds of penalties and brouhaha.

Boston gets a powerplay. Recchi sets up in front of the net. Chara slaps one in and Recchi gets the tiniest of deflections.
3-1. Hey, that's pretty good.

A couple seconds later Bitz get goalie interference and the place explodes. Yard sale.

3-2. Awww, I don't like the looks of this.

Neither do the Bruins. More fireworks, and Lucic gets himself a 10-minute timeout. A whole bunch of other penalties, see the image above.

You're glad there aren't many Habs fans in your section.

Somewhere in here, Bergeron blocks a shot and hobbles to the bench.

Schneider. PPG.
3-3. I thought he was out for the season?


Thornton and Komisarek hug it out some more.

Third Period.
About 5 minutes in, Dandenault gets the puck over the glass and the Bruins go on their last powerplay of the game.

Chara makes it count. He shovels in a rebound from up front. I love it when they put Chara in front of the goal.
4-4. That about ties it up. Montreal needs 1 point to clinch a playoff spot. I wonder who's going to play defensive hockey for the next 15 minutes?

Answer: BOTH TEAMS! and we're back to corner-to-corner hockey.

At some point in here, we see Bergeron back on the ice. Because he is a hockey player.

Montador gets compared to Recchi a lot because we got them both at the same time. Montador gets noticed a lot this game for missed defensive chances and then...

Penalty. 1 minute left. Montador goes to the box for "holding." Whatever. Bruins keep killing the penalty.

The green light flashes and the horn sounds. Habs clinch playoffs.
So the bruins start the OT on the PK and guess what? They kill the shit out of it. Like Thomas does bears.

about 2 minutes in, the Habs have it in their own zone. They start to bring it out. Bergeron stands him up on his own blue line, and gets the puck away. He goes in on Price and Recchi streaks to the net. It's a Bergeron pass. Recchi is in front of the net. You know how this story goes.



What a game. What a great game. And a win to boot!
Did anyone see Savard lose an edge and keep possession? He's pretty good.

vs. Habs (5-0-1)
Record: 52-18-10 (W 1)
Final Home Record: 29-6-6 (W 5)
L10: 7-2-1
April: 3-1-0