Sunday, April 26, 2009

There's still hockey

Hockey is still on. By now you've watched the caps dominate the rangers in game 6.

Canes/Devils is on Versus tonight. If Brodeur doesn't suck then we know 3 of the teams making the third round.

I've got nothing. Ference is practicing but not at full speed, otherwise not a whole lot of news out of the Bruins.

Also, please let it rain. Please? It is sweltering where I am.



Sheriff25 said...

No Bruins and no beer makes Sheriff25 something something...

jimbuff said...

Sweltering!!! It's 20 below zero and snowing here right now. Count your blessings.

Unknown said...

Sheriff, you can always get more beer.

Sheriff25 said...

More beer? BRILLIANT!!!!!

So wise.