Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yup, the Bruins played last night. With the loss, they're probably not going to get the president's trophy. There's a banner in the garden for that one. It has one date on it. 1990.

Do you know what banner isn't there? Champions, 1990. So whatever.


Dany Heatley gets a penalty.
0-2. Shorthanded.

While you're down in the dumps in the first intermission, I'm busy watching the habs get beat by the rangers. Both teams are in the bottom third of the league in record since new years'. Bruins will likely face one of them.

Phil Kessel gets riled up. He gets in way close to the net and scores one off his own rebound.

1-2. One goal game.

Ottawa gets a powerplay.
Dany Heatley.

With 10 seconds left in the second period, the Bruins are set up on the PP. Chara slaps one in. Toronto takes a few minutes to see whether it went off Recchi. Nope.

Third period: no scoring.

The bruins pulled Manny even though they were on the PK at the end of the game. Ottawa even got an icing call. The Bruins definitely showed up for that part of the game (and much of the rest, to be honest) but couldn't finish.

I'm about as interested in this loss now as I was when I was half-watching it. I probably missed some crap. Prove it.

Florida bandwagon update: Montreal or New York will have to get zero more points (start rooting for Boston and Pennsylvania teams) and the Panthers will need to beat Atlanta and Washington.

Central division Bandwagon update: Anaheim needs to lose out to Dallas and phoenix and Nashville needs to beet Minnesota and Detroit. St. Louis should ideally beat columbus in OT and then we'll see what st. louis does against Joe Sakic on the last day of the season.

So few games left. Day by day, there are 2, 11, 4, 13, 4 over the next 5 days. That's 34 games total. most teams are playing 2 more at this point. 8 teams have 3 games left. Boston is one of them.

Is it Thursday yet?
Is it next Thursday yet?
I want my playoff ads.

vs. OTT: 5-1-0 (final)
Record: 51-18-10 (L 1)
Away: 23-12-4 (L 1)
L10: 7-2-1
April: 3-1-0


TravBot said...

What you forgot to mention in the "Around the League" section is the New York LOLanders' showing against the Canes. In an attempt to solidify them as Worst Team This Year, they played their hardest-fought 9-0 loss this week!

Sunday's season finale for the Bruins should be fun, down in the Nassau Coliseum.

Unknown said...

But that doesn't help any of my bandwagon teams.