Thursday, April 9, 2009

Game 80 Preview: Bruins vs. Habs THIS IS OUR HOUSE

April 9, 2009 7:00 PM ET

Radio: WBZ 1030 AM

vs. Habs (41-29-10)

5 Questions with the enemy:
It's BACK! Earlier this season, we used to ask other teams about how the beginning of their season is. I decided to resurrect it, because it's awesome and I like to hear what other team's fans are thinking. With the way things are going for the centennial, well.....
Anyhow, here's HF29 from Four Habs Fans, my personal favorite Habs blog:
1. The regular season is almost over. What has been the high point so far?
Thinking, thinking, thinking.... Nope, nothing comes to mind.
2. Have you celebrated the centennial in any special way?
No, except making fun of it. I will be celebrating by pretending it never happened.
3. Who is in Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge that won't be next year?
So many possibilities! I will guess Kovalev. I think we may finally give up on him.
4. How do you think the last game of the Bruins/Habs season series will go?
5. How do you think a Bruins/Habs playoff series would go?
Even worse.

Ouch. Thanks again to Four Habs Fans for putting up with this shit.
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  • Four Habs Fans: "Everyone is cold for the Habs, except maybe Metro who rocked the Rangers game. I care not to look up who to watch for on the B's. I am only interested in watching Claude Julien outcoach the man who fired and replaced him."
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder: "Speaking of using grooming habits and hockey to raise money for charity, the Bruins Foundation has launched Beard-A-Thon. Fellow Bruins blogger Cornelius Hardenbergh was chosen as today's "Beard of the Day".
  • WickedBruinsFan: "Tonight's sellout attendance of 17,565 gives the Bruins a total home attendance figure of 699,073 this season (average 17,051). This gives the Bruins the second-highest single regular season attendance mark in their history behind only the 716,443 total (average 17,474) in 1995-96."
  • Kynch's Korner: "It isn't impossible for them to slip entirely out of the playoff picture if they lose Thursday. They only have one game remaining after Boston...and that is at home against Pittsburgh."
  • The Bear Cave: "Thomas has gone 3-0-1 in the four games he has played, turning aside 119 of 126 shots. That translates into a .944 save percentage. Thomas's two biggest games were the third and fourth games of the series, when he combined to make 67 saves on 70 shots."
  • Matt Kalman: "Will the sight of those Montreal Canadiens’ uniforms be enough for the Boston Bruins to up their intensity from their sleepwalk Tuesday in Ottawa?"
  • NESN First Shift: "Defenseman Mathieu Schneider (shoulder) is out indefinitely."
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