Thursday, April 16, 2009

Round 1 Game 1 Preview: (1) Bruins vs. (8) Habs LET THE PUCK DROP ALREADY

16 April 2009 7 PM ET
Radio: WBZ 1030 AM

vs. Habs

  • What has not been written yet?
  • I wish I didn't have to root against Metropolit.
  • In non-Bruins news, KG is hanging out with Sturm this playoffs. They're busted-knee buddies.
  • Markov Out, Ference out.
  • Expect Thomas/Price in nets.
  • Gainey wants Laraque to fight some dudes tonight. One of Brickley's keys to the game is Control Emotions. This is why Brickley is the best NESN guy covering the Bruins.
  • Kevin Pollock (40-23-4-5) and Dennis LaRue (40-24-5-3) will be refs tonight. The numbers are home team records, click each name for more info.
  • Fan Fest today.
Previous Games:
Here's how the regular season series between Bruins and Habs began:and ended:
None of it matters now.
Other Previews:
  • Most people are doing series previews instead. It's all good.
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder: "The strategy last game against the Bruins seemed to be to agitate and turtle to bait the B's in to taking dumb retaliatory penalties. Judging by his lineup that will not be the case tonight. Gainey has inserted hired goon Georges Laraque back into the lineup. Ryan the Cowardly Purse Snatchin' Turtle will watch the game from the 9th floor, while Patrice Brisebois takes his place on the Habs blue line."
  • The 2 Man Advantage: "The main reason that I’m nervous for the Bruins is that so many people picked them to either win outright or get to the Finals. Things were so easy when I was the only guy in my circle of friends who cheered for or really believed in this team."
  • Cameron Frye: "The Bruins have a great mixture of youth with experience and experienced veterans, while the Habs are filled with purse snatchers, divers and wannabe Russian gangsters."
  • HacksWithHaggs: "I watched a lot of Laraque questions getting tossed around the B's locker room this morning. The players weren't biting."
  • Matt Kalman: "Expect the Bruins to be as business-like as they can be despite the best efforts to the Habs to knock them off focus and the sure-to-be electric atmosphere that will engulf the Garden. The Bruins have come too far to let this moment go away unclaimed."
  • CBC: Habs are ready.
  • Bruins Blog scouting report.
  • NESN First Shift: "The Bruins enter Thursday’s game 1 of the first round in the 2008-09 Stanley Cup playoffs looking for their first playoff series win since 1999 and first over their rival Canadiens since 1991-92"
  • Preview

The regular season is over. None of this regular season stat stuff really matters in a rivalry like this.