Friday, April 3, 2009


First of all, I finally broke down and joined twitter, because it was getting annoying having it all come into google reader. Here it is:
Who knows how much I'll do with it, but there you go.

Second of all, ESPN is reporting that Thomas is getting a contract extension. This could be huge.

Thirdly, there was a game last night. That's why we're here.

First Period.
It was ugly. The Bruins were getting outworked by a team playing for pride and pride alone. Luckily, they seemed to wake up later on in the game and managed to be just good enough to beat Ottawa. They also removed the 0.000004 chance of Ottawa making the playoffs with the Ottawa loss.

5.5 in, Alfredsson.
0-1. Please don't let Ottawa embarrass the Bruins. They've beaten them every time this year, now is not the time to change that.

Hnidy pastes Ruutu along the boards.

Basically the rest of the period is some crap hooking call and the puck getting battered from place to place. And some nice saves by Auld and Thomas, including one by Auld on Savard on a breakaway out of the penalty box.
Second Period.
About two minutes in, some good chaotic defense leads to Lucic getting a half breakaway. Slapper from the top of the circle.
1-1. Lucic goals are awesome, and then the crowd does it's LUUUUUUUUUUCH thing, not unlike YOOOOOOUUUUUUK. I mention to my friend that Boston fans are bandwagon fans, which is as true here as it is anywhere else. The arena came alive after that goal.

Late in the period, Ruutu runs Thomas and Hnidy and Winchester drop the gloves and hug it out for matching roughing minors.
Third Period.
The bruins like to score early. Both defenses and goalie seem to settle in and not allow much after the first 5-6 minutes. Take for example this third period.

Savard shoots it on net, Wheeler forechecks. It gets to Axelsson on the other side, he gets it to Savard in the slot. Savard does his thing.
2-1. The Bruins finally take the lead!

Recchi gets a high-sticking penalty to give the senators a 2-minute powerplay to end the period, and they pull Auld for the 6-on-4. It doesn't manage to get anything. Then Spezza takes a call with 3 seconds left.


That's 50 wins. Five-Zero. Nice.
Washington loss or Bruins win clinches Eastern Conference.

vs. OTT: 5-0-0
Record: 50-17-10 (W 5)
Home: 27-6-6 (W 3)
L10: 7-2-1
March: 1-0-0