Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Snow Storm Lazy Links, etc

The trade deadline is coming on Wednesday.  I'll try to throw something up here on anything bruins-related that happens.  Glen Metropolit to the Habs already happened.
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder tells us about P.J. Stock.  I still think Eddie Shore is the consumate Bruins Badass.
  • The radio broadcaster for Notre Dame hockey apparently passed away in his sleep at the age of 44.
  • Conn College Men's Ice Hockey lost their NESCAC playoff game to Trinity 3-1.  Due to family attending currently, I am now jumping on the Williams Men's bandwagon in the NESCAC tourney, despite them not showing games on TV.
  • Conn College Women's Hockey tore it up.
  • R.I.P.'s free gamecenter video feeds.   I signed up for the NHL GameCenter package, and for a hockey junkie like myself, it's pretty neat.  I was watching the Caps/Panthers game and got to listen to Randy Moller call a game.  May he never run out of catchphrases.
  • Cycle Like the Sedins (and others) look at the eHarmony hockey ad.
  • On the Forechecker is about to learn a hard lesson in complaining about three stars selections:  Once made, they do not change.
  • Rogers Sportsnet (different than Comcast Sportsnet) is apparently streaming their deadline day coverage.  Time to set up the computer with the TV again.
  • I'm looking to change up the layout a little bit around here, so please excuse the mess.  If anyone knows exactly what to put to get videos as popout videos (the main cause of the slllllloooooooooooowness of this site is the flash) please drop me a line or put something in the comments.
Get over the Washington game, folks.
Shit happens.