Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lazy Links on a Wednesday: Bruins DVD out, Montreal not

Here's some stuff.  Happy Hump day, folks.
  • Last night Montreal showed up to a game.  I haven't forgiven them yet.
  • The Bruins History DVD came out.  I'm not going to watch it until I'm in the depths of the offseason and I'm craving hockey.
  • Matt Kalman has stooped to name-calling drafted but unsigned Carl Soderberg
  • Western College Hockey Blog is running an NCAA hockey tourney pick 'em.  I've joined.  You should too.
  • Holy crap did you see the Leafs/Caps game last night?  Gerber gets tossed with 50ish seconds to go.  CuJo (the friendly rabid dog of a goalie) comes in and - though only 2 losses away from tying the all-time record - plays some shut-down goaltending.  He stoned ovechkin both in OT and the shootout and won the game for Toronto.  You could only barely hear the crickets chirping over the crowd.  More writeup at Pension Plan Puppets.
  • I really like the mspaint-on-pictures that the Two-Line Pass does with it's morning writeup.  Pretty solid writing, too.  Good enough to do Puck Daddy's weekend wrap-up, even.
  • Puck Prospectus interviews Colin Wilson, who some in Nashville are really hoping is going to be good next year.
  • Japer's Rink has some interesting stuff about goalies in the playoffs.
Well, that's about it, folks.  Enjoy.