Friday, March 13, 2009


WOOOOOOO Gotta love a win. Even a home win streak. Fun game, lots of scoring, good overall. Phil Kessel is definitely the star of the game. Let's remember the good times.

The Canadian national anthem gets me riled up.  I don't know what it is, but it's certainly something.  

First of all, the Refs decided they would take the game over early, calling 2 penalties (one and a makeup one) about a minute in.  Then Wideman got a hooking call about 40 seconds later.  You love 3-on-3 hockey, so you're hoping this continues for the whole game.

Aaron ward gets out of the box and the Bruins are down a man.  But he picks up the pass and slaps a shot at the net.
1-0. Aaron Ward's career first short-handed goal.  Not bad for a 36-year-old defenseman playing his 750th game.

The Bruins kill off the rest of the penalty (because P.J. is a stud) and then go on probably about a second of even strength play when P.K. Axelsson gets called for some crap.  Really bang-up penalties in this game.  The Bruins kill off most of the penalty and then comes out of the box to get the pass.  Axelsson-Krejci-Axelsson-NET.
2-0.  You're turning to the guy next to you and yelling "What'd I tell you about P.J. Axelsson?  What'd I tell you?"  Later some drunk guy whines about p.j. because his only experience with hockey was playing some in Juniors.  Whatever.

Chris Neil and Milan Lucic realize that "staged fights" are going to go out of style soon and they better get it on now while there's still time.  Hockey Fights.

The refs blow the whistle again and Ryan Shannon is the unlucky winner of penalty roulette.  Chuck Kobasew and friends put together a little ditty called the "garbage goal" (if memory serves).
3-0.  Yeah, this feels more like the Bruins of late 08.

Then the second half of the period happens.

Spezza's illegal toe curve.

Spezza also scores a penalty for too many men on the ice with 2 seconds to go in the period.

The second period has less jumping out of your seat.  It looked like the bruins scored once or twice, but Alex Auld managed to keep the puck out for a full 20 minutes of play.  So did Thomas.  Half-assed chants of "Aaaaaa-Lllleeeeeeex" waft through the arena.  The crowd needs to get a little crazier.  Sometimes you need to get electric.  Sometimes you need to get Arrested.

The third period gets off to a Kesselicious start.  Savard gets his second assist of the game.
4-1.  You're thinking "Nail, meet coffin."

But the Sens aren't.  They're thinking "Plenty of hockey to go."


Things get a little worrisome with that last one, but then the Bruins play shut-down hockey for the next 10 minutes.

Auld is pulled.  If this is the last 2-3 weeks, the Sens are tying it up.

But Kessel finally got over Mono.  He's got all kinds of hammers.  That last nail wasn't quite keeping the zombie Senators in their coffin.  Time to do some pounding.  Kessel magically appears with the puck between the defence and nails it like he did whoever he got mono from.
5-3.  One minute left.  Game over man, game over.


  • It's sad that I want to say a win over the 12th-place Senators is huge.
  • Anyone that doesn't like P.K. Axelsson doesn't like the Bruins.  Even you, Juniors-playing hockey expert.
  • This was a should-win game.
vs. OTT: 4-0-0
Record: 44-16-9 (W 1)
Home: 23-6-5 (W 2)
L10: 4-5-1
March: 2-5-0