Monday, March 9, 2009


The most well-reasoned thing I've read about yesterday's game is by The Old Bruins Fan:

"I'm not about to write that Fernandez sucks or that Julien is an idiot. I'll leave that to the juvenile posters on the Bruins boards. All goaltenders have bad games, or I guess at least most of them. It's been so long since Timmy had one of these games I can't even remember when it was. But he's the exception. I once saw Patrick Roy shoot the puck into his own net and then play like he was completely disinterested afterward. Patrick Roy obviously did not suck, but he sure could have a bad game."
Well put, sir.

Now let's get ourselves some highlights and recapimation.  If you don't like the new method of recaps that lets the page load a lot faster then let me know how you'd do it in the comments or via email.  It's still a work in progress.

The first period marked the return of Avery to MSG.  woo-freakin-hoo.  Some guys behind you are shouting "What time did the game start?  TWELVE THIRTY!" If there are any ranger fans who know why they shout that, please let me know.  I was confused all game about that.  When you met Nemmy after the game he suggested maybe it was people coming in late.

Oh well.  No goals in the first, though not for lack of trying.  The Bruins look about as tired as you do after traveling in, having a night, and getting a call from your freinds at one in the morning to telecommute a birthday shot.

During the first intermission there is a pedal cart race.  I guess new york is too good for mite hockey?

In the second period, Nik Antropov started the scoring off for the rangers in what my friend Chris calls "a desparate attempt to stave off the booing by the MSG crowd."  In a demonstration of this exact thing, Redden gets the second assist and they boo his name on the announcement.

If you haven't been to a game at MSG where the rangers scored (Tom Renney LOL) their goal song is kinda lame.  Here are the lyrics:  "Goal Goal Goal Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey"  Not bad at pumping up the crowd, though I prefer Zombie Nation due to blind homerism.

Chuck Kobasew comes right back about 2 minutes later.  Chara gives him the breakaway pass and Kobasew is gone between the defensemen.  It's just him and Lundqvist.  He makes it look like it's just him.
1-1.  The Bruins tie it up, and the 100 fans in the arena are all cheering.  You can almost hear them.

Shawn Thornton and Colton Orr fight.  Thornton asks the ref to stop the fight when Orr's fight strap comes undone, by some accounts.  Classy move by two pros.

The fight works because Manny lets in a couple of soft goals, including a powerplay goal to what has been a laughably bad power play team.  Of course, it was a laughably bad call (and not the first or last, for that matter) and Gomez stuffs one in past the post.

1-3. Avery assist has the MSG crowd chanting Aiv-Ree *stomp* *stomp*.  It's like the Henrik chant, but at least if Henrik was on a non-rangers team I'd like him a lot.

Dan Girardi tries to break Ryder's face again at the end of the second, and you're happy for a 4-minute powerplay to start the third.  Especially since the Bruins are also starting the third 2 goals in the hole.

Chuck Kobasew knows how good the Rangers are at the penalty kill, so he takes a hooking call and evens it up.

The Bruins wheel a cannon onto the ice very sneakily during the 4-on-4.  They disguise it as Zdeno Chara.  From the point, he winds up and lights the cannon.  BOOM.  Mere mortals (even Lundqvist) are powerless to stop him.
2-3.  Almost time for the second high-sticking powerplay to come back into existence.

The Michael Ryder decides he really likes his face, and wants to send a message to people who try to break it.
3-3.  We're tied up on the strength of Chara's cannon and Ryder's "unreal shot."  What's Tortorella have to say about all this?
"We kind of wet our pants a little bit," Tortorella said. "We kind of had that look."
Ah, classic.

Of course, under the new coach they don't pull the old rangers move of messing it all up and letting the Bruins score.  Instead, Zherdev.
3-4. I'm not sure what the Bruins record is at MSG, but it isn't pretty.  They're 0-1-1 there when I'm going, at least.

Overall I had a great trip and it was good to see the folks I did!

vs. NYR: 1-1-1
Record: 43-15-9 (L 1)
Away:  21-9-4 ()
L10: 4-5-1
March: 1-2-1

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TravBot said...

I don't know if it's to do with the 5 hours of sleep and then reading this first thing, or what, but your comments about Kobasew hooking and disguising a cannon as Chara had me literally laughing out loud. Well written.