Sunday, March 29, 2009


Brian Burke looks on as the Leafs manage to lose one to the Bruins even though they scored 5 goals.
Hahahaha, what a game. Thanks to the folks of Pension Plan Puppets for letting me crash their live thread. Funny folks, there. I'm happy to jump on the Toronto spoiler bandwagon when they're not playing the bruins. Ok, we've got a lot of goals to hazily remember and link to videos, so let's get to it.

First of all, you hear that Manny is in net, but that Pogge is as well. Toronto's 4th goalie against Manny, who is definitely playing injured at this point. He was saying he might be forced into retirement at the end of this year. So, let's see...yeah, lots of goals. Toronto starts the goal scoring off about 4 minutes in.
0-1. Uh oh, manny didn't look very good on that one. Hopefully the Bruins will score soon and tie it up.

Luckily, that's their job. So they go to work (I kinda hate that turn of phrase, it's so overused, especially in football commentating.) Chuck Kobasew gets the puck at the half-boards, and then grinds around Ian White and flips a backhand up. It likely gets deflected off of one of the 3 leafs sticks in front, but ends up sitting on the top shelf. Where grandma hides the cookies.
1-1. Chuck Kobasew might be one of the best third-liners in the NHL.

Not wanting to get left out, the rest of the Bruins want in on the action. Krejci passes to wideman, wideman shoots wide, Ryder grinds the puck out, comes around the side, and it's like he's playing horse with Kobasew.
Also, it's not even 9 minutes into the game.

Leafs get on a PP. John "F'in" Mitchell.
2-2. At 4 goals in 12 minutes, this could end up being a 20-goal game. They already had an 8-5 one in boston earlier...hmmmm.....

2-3. Manny tries to save it in slow motion.

But the 1st period isn't quite over yet, folks. Jeff Finger gets himself a tripping call and the Bruins PP sets up. They pass it around and through, until Hunwick Hunwick? Hunwick... HUNWICK! No wait RECCHING BALL!
3-3. Nice tip-in by Recchi. he's getting close to his 16th 20-goal season, they say.

Second Period.
Bruins have the first successful penalty kill of the night.

Then 6 minutes in: Ponikarovsky.
3-4. Again with the ponies.

Bruins get another Powerplay, though. This one is courtest of Jeff Hamilton. As the CBC is putting Tonight's powerplay: 1/1 on the screen, Savard is shooting at Recchi's stick blade. The RECCHING BALL is in full effect.
4-4. Tied up at 4, about halfway into the If you took the over, you're all set.

If you bet on Shawn Thornton scoring, you have more faith than I do. But you're some kind of genius, because, well.... Awesomeness happens. Shot, rebound. Yelle picks it up, up to Stuart. Stuart across to Hunwick. Hunwick forward for Thornton. Thornton's mustache shoots from the high slot. Montador doesn't touch it, Thornton has half-agained his previous career-high season title for goals.
5-4. Yes, a lead. Awesome.

After Thornton scores, Ron Wilson takes a minute to say a few words to his young goalie.

Schenn takes a shot. Bruins block it. Krejci gives it up to Lucic. Lucic puts it on Krejci's stick as he's entering the zone. Grabovski hanging of his back, Krejci makes us remember the good times by triple-deking and putting it past Pogge.
6-4. Only up by two, but this feels a lot better than it did an hour ago. Quote from the Star article I just linked to:
"Boston's David Krejci scored on that, jamming in a backhand with Pogge essentially in a praying position sliding backward over his goal line, not quite the way it's written up in the goaltending manuals."
The dogs start howling as CuJo comes in to play relief. Lucic fights Oreskevic, likely because of frustration and the maybe-clean, maybe-not hit on Grabovski earlier. has Lucic winning. (and the video)

It certainly does work the momentum a little, though I don't know why the Bruins need even more momentum. They shoot, rebound. Leafs start to take it up ice, but Montador or Ference tips it back up ice. Savard taps it to Axelsson, who drives hard to the net. He gets to the side, and prefectly puts it to Wheeler in the slot. Wheeler does his thing.
7-4. Every time they say Wheeler, I still think of captain planet.
Third Period.
Not all that much happens in the third. Montador gets whooped by Luke Schenn:

Manny gets back into a rhythm (please let this continue) even though Hagman does manage to score:
7-5. 5 minutes left.

Game over, man. Game over.


Huzzah! The leafs will score a ton of goals on you on saturday night, but they are beatable.

vs. TOR: 5-1-0
Record: 47-17-10 (W 2)
Away: 22-11-4 (W 1)
L10: 5-4-1
March: 5-5-1


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Whatcha gonna do when Michael Ryder runs wild over you!!!!!

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If you're Pogge, you open your 5-hole and pray.