Thursday, October 29, 2009

GAME 11 PREVIEW: Bruins vs. Devils IT'S A TARP

Oct. 29, 2009 7pm ET
vs. New Jersey Devils (6-4-0)

The Bruins are a perfect 5-0-0 on the road this year, and the megastoryline is that Martin "Fatty" Brodeur is chasing Sawchuck's shutout record. Well, fatty ain't in net tonight unless Yann Danis turns out to be a lousy goalie. Bruins are still 4th worst PP in the league, but the Devils are 8th worst. The devils seem to edge out the Bruins in a lot of stat categories below, but The Bruins have at least more than one win at home. Yeah so 3-3 is less impressive than 5-0, but whatever.

Let's take a look at this Danis fellow, eh? He hasn't started a game yet for the Devils, but he has played recently. Last year he split time between the Bridgeport Sound Tigers (10gp 2.26gaa .924sv%) and the New York Islanders(31gp 2.86gaa .910sv%). Prior to last year, he was a full-time Hamilton Bulldogs goalie for 5 years, excepting 6 NHL games in 2005-06 (2.69gaa .908sv%). Basically he's been an AHL goalie for a while but people talked shit about Clemmenson too and look where that got them.

Hey, I used to put up links to every site in the (B)logosphere last year, then I got lazy this year so far. There are links over on the right side of the blog, sorted by last update. I suggest you check them out. I've even made it so you can see the post title. There's good stuff out there and I don't have as much time to read it all. If you're not attending the game, and there are apparently really cheap tickets available second-hand, check out the game threads on Stanley Cup of Chowder and In Lou We Trust.

Oh and if you have a valid 21+ ID and a ticket to the game there is a Sam Adams Bru-Fest where you a Sam Adams outside for $5. They usually have some other stuff, too. I don't regret checking it out the first time around.

Careful, they're piping hot!
That's a little too much orange on the right side for my taste.


Greg said...

Devils are great on the road, but hopefully tired from their whooping by Buffalo.

I hate Broduer.

BTW, we changed our address.

Unknown said...

Fixed the link on the side.