Saturday, October 31, 2009

Game 12 Preview: Bruins vs Oilers GRAVEYARD SMASH

What? It's BOS vs. OIL! Click for mega-version.
Game 12
Oct. 31, 2009 1:00 PM

NESN, 98.5 FM

vs. Edmonton Oilers (7-5-1)

This is the last chance for the Bruins to come out of October with a greater-than-.500 record. Woof. Last october, for comparison, the Bruins went 5-3-3 last October, getting 13 out of 22 points, or basically a pretty slow start. Then on November 1st they beat the shit out of Dallas and started dominating. I don't particularly expect them to do that tomorrow, but today wouldn't be a bad day for it. Let's see...Copper and Blue points out that 7 oilers have at least as many points as the Bruins top scorer, Patrice Bergeron. Damn.

Looks like the Oilers score more, give up more, and penalties tend to get called in their games more. Something something blah blah it's early, ok? Look, Mike Comrie is on the Oilers so Hillary Duff might be in the stands somewhere. Let's do this thing, Edmonton played last night and hopefully will be tired from that or something.

If you're at home for the game, be sure to discuss the game online at Stanley Cup of Chowder, Copper and Blue, and heck, even in the comments section below.

Spooky Stats!
Wear your costume to the game, and everyone have a happy and safe halloween except for Khabibulin.