Friday, October 30, 2009


Yeah, so it was a pretty tight game for most of it. The devils scored when the puck was behind thomas and clarkson (fucking Clarkson of all people) scooped it in. It's easy to score when the goalie isn't between the net and the goal, y'all.

Then Patrice Bergeron tied it up in the second. It was the highlight of the night, except for one more thing later.

In the third, Clarkson skates past Thomas and Thomas makes to lunge at him. Tim Thomas rules because crazy goalies are awesome. They're better when they don't let in soft goals, but the Bruins not being able to score more than one garbage goal all game would be nice too.

The Devils scored with 1:26 to go when Thomas makes a 5-hole stop but the puck slips out behind him. Zubrus scoops it in.
Woof. So the Bruins get a minute and a half to try to even it up. Then with less than 30 seconds to go and the goalie pulled the Bruins pass it off a Devil's knee and it goes into the zone, past the goal line and a devil touches it. We get a whistle on the touch-up. Powerplay?

Nope, some ref or linesman completely shit the bed on the call and thought it was icing even though from all the way up in the balcony I could see it hit the guy's knee and change direction.

Puck goes back to center ice and the Bruins manage maybe one shot on goal but don't let an empty netter completely ruin the night. Good effort on both sides, and on a night where all the goals were garbage, the Bruins couldn't scoop and shovel enough. For some reason I noticed Wheeler and liked his play.

Frustrating as hell.

Hey Bruins, let's win more than one in a row, eh?

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TravBot said...

Sounds like the Bruins aren't quite ready for the winter season. They'll need to get their shoveling arms warmed up before we get too deep into November.

Also, I could see that puck bounce from freaking Sudbury. I swore at the TV, because I knew that took away our last chance. Damn you, CB Bucknor!