Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HEADLINES 10/28/09

Here's a segment that I've decided would be a fun way of bringing the nation's hockey news to you fine Boston fans. I've taken the top NHL stories and summed them up in headline form. Enjoy!

Gaborik misses Tuesday practice after a collision during Monday's 5-2 win over Phoenix

Steve Ott suspended 1 day for low-bridging Colaiacovo, 1 day for being a douchebag, could get another game for knee-to-knee.

Avalanche backup goalie Budaj catches swine flu in protest of Anaheim dropping the Iowa Chops

Moyes looks to sell Coyotes back to the NHL. "No backsies!" exclaims owner.

Maple Leafs take advantage of the Ducks' constant penalties, score 5 power play goals to win their first game of the season. Office workers stunned as nobody wins the office pool. "I thought they'd surely make it to November," says local Brandon Marsh, closest to winning the pool with November 1-5.

Kovalchuk out 4-6 weeks with a broken foot. When asked about the team's situation, Thrashers' head coach John Anderson replied, "Well, shit."

Wild still undefeated at home, winless on the road. Doesn't sound too terrible until you find out they've played three home games, but eight away games.

Doctors find hernias on Flyers' Gagne using an ultrasound. Twins!

This has been a presentation of HBA Headline news. I hope you enjoyed it.