Friday, October 9, 2009

Game 3 Review: VOMIT


So every goddamn team that I was rooting for last night lost to California. Bruins lost 6-1, Sox lost 5-0 (or something), Wild fell apart at the very end to lose 6-3, and Columbus didn't quite have it against Heatley's hat trick. At least my fantasy team with him doesn't start scoring until next week.

The Bruins powerplay sucked so hard that I was hoping the Bruins would take a penalty just to even the numbers of players on the ice. The PK managed to let old man teemu to bury 2 goals. If Tim Thomas is going to be a sieve every other game maybe the Bruins should look at this promising Rask kid soon. I expect him to play sometime this weekend, but I'm no NHL coach.

Also, the team in front of thomas looked like shit pretty much. I don't know nearly enough about defensive play to really criticize that, but I do know that the Bitz-Begin-Thornton line seemed to be the only ones still working after that beautiful Marco Sturm goal.

I mean goddamn. That one was the way the Bruins are supposed to play. They get the puck out of the zone and before the Ducks can do everything, Savard is dishing the puck to Sturm, who drives it five-hole for a pretty goal.


Hell yeah this game rules! WOOOO

Then you watch the kids come out and whoever was 99 in red was either playing below his age or the Hobey Baker winner 2020. Scored two goals, looked great out there.

Then, uh...


everything sorta goes black for a while, and I remember yelling at the refs a lot. A whole ton, really. 2 quick calls against the Bruins led to two quick goals by the Selanne. Goddamn I hate the Ducks.

Blah blah corey perry is a bitch blah blah

Bobby Ryan, don't you hit Blake like that! I'M TELLING YOUR MOTHER YOUNG MAN!

Anyhow, California sucks.

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Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Odd. That sounds exactly like my night, except for the California part... but every team from St. Louis & Missouri last night lost in stupid, half-assed fashion.

Ugh. Saturday need not suck as much.